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Akkina Dives in, and other Silly Tales


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Hello there!!!!!

Akkina is back, and this time I am not dropping out!

It is a tragic thing, but I am really, really bad about finishing my challenges, or really any activity I set out to do, but this time I have a secret weapon...*insert dramatic background music here* my fiancee will be joining me! I haven't quite conned him into starting a thread yet, so I shall possibly just tack him on with mine.

My main focus of this challenge is going to be food, it has been my biggest struggle for the longest time, so I am going to really focus on it this go around.

So for that:

Quest A) Omnomnom

Eat breakfast, and take my pills! Even if it is one of my all natural meal replacement shakes, I need to eat something during the day.

Off shoot of Quest A) Let's not eat all the food...

Pack lunches for work, for both me and Ghost so we don't eat crap at work. One of the downsides of working in a retail store is the sheer amount of crap that I eat!

Quest C) Creativity!

photography! I got a brand new Canon t5i dslr camera for my birthday because I had expressed interest in becoming a photographer so yay! Post two pictures a week, that's not a lot, but something I really want to do.

Quest D) Track all the foods!

I have never had success with not counting calories, though previously I did really terrible and would either forget to track, or just didn't care on my two days off, which led to binge eating....

Quest D) Exercise!

I downloaded a nifty app to get me going called Just 6 Weeks, and in it, it breaks up doing 100 pushups, 200 sit ups, 200 squats, 200 dips, and 100 pull ups. Now I will not be doing the pull ups yet, but the rest I will! Also u am working on Zombies, Run 5k again as I really enjoyed running in the past.

So that concludes my introduction, and I wish you all the best of times during out 6 weeks together!

Day 1) I figured I'd tack this on here because it seemed more convenient.

I both ate breakfast this morning (yummy oatmeal with berries), and i worked out before work! I had a chicken salad at work, that I did buy but that was all I bought. I managed to quell the craving for a soda thankfully, and only drank water, and 1 red bull.

Day 2) so far so good, woke up a half hour before my alarm went off, showered early, ate breakfast and took my meds. I will be taking my running gear to work with me, changing after I clock out and then going straight out running.

Awooooooooo! Howling the moon!!

Your friendly local werewolf.

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So yesterday and the fay before (Wednesday and Thursday) were pretty rough, while I did sort of work out, I'd pretty much spent my whole weekend laying in bed watching Game of Thrones (2 seasons in 2 days) and...eating. I fell into my old standby of munching.

I am back to work today, and despite having Taco Bell (courtesy of Ghost's boss) I picked something fairly low in calorie for fast food.

I did have a thought though of prepacking all my snacks and meals as much as possible for my days off so there is less room for error on my part.

Also exciting news, I will be converting my extra bedroom into an in home gym!

Awooooooooo! Howling the moon!!

Your friendly local werewolf.

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