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jakez's first quest: Are abs too vain of a quest?


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Hey fellow recruits!


I started working out a little later in life than everyone else. I turned 35 and wanted to finally look like I had a grown-up body. After a successful "Biggest Gainer" competition at my gym (where you compete to gain the most lean body mass) and plenty of hard work after that, I went from 168 pounds to 206 in the height of my gaining phase.




Now I'm looking for the next bit of motivation. Hopefully this community can keep me accountable to my next set of goals.


Main Quest: Look better naked

  1. Get down to 13% body fat. I'm running about 17% according to the measurement device at the gym.
  2. Get my first visible abs ever.
  3. Keep on my cardiovascular health and get back to running up to 6 miles a day.


Promises to myself

  • Eat lean meat, vegetables, and good carbs for every meal.
  • Prepare my meals for the week every Sunday.
  • Keep on my supplements. Make sure I'm taking my supplements when they need to be taken.
  • Do 20 minutes of cardio every day.


The life quest 


Since I moved to Florida, I haven't really made my apartment an awesome, comfortable place to live. I'm going to get my apartment feeling like a home by the end of these six weeks.




  1. It about time I start seeing some abs!
  2. I don't get to see my husband as he lives in Seattle and I live in Fort Lauderdale. (New job challenges.) When I do see every other week, I want him to be crazy impressed with my progress since he last saw me.
  3. I love the feeling of running fast and want to feel that power once again.




Height: 6' 1"

Current weight: 194 lbs

Current body fat: 17.2%

Current lean body mass: 160.6 lbs

Goal lean body mass: 170.0 lbs

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Yes it is, but you want what you want right?


Everyone around me says I'm fine the way I am. But I just don't feel fit enough, so I want to crank it up.


From the what you've written you want a whole lot more than just abs.



[Level: 2 | STR 3.7 | DEX 1.8 | STA 2.8 | CON 3.7 | WIS 4 | CHA 2.8 ]

The Beginning The Journey Continues FearlesslyFree, Road to 20 Push ups

Current Challenge: FearlesslyFree Returns to Battle

John 5:22-24

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