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Parkour training day



Warm up: 


Step ups

Sloth Rows

Broad Jumps





Step vault (Not a safety vault, not sure why I called it that.)

Precision jumps






Notes: Fell quite a bit today. This was definitely not a good training day for me.Of course you are not going to get it right each time and you are certainly not going to be perfect after a handful of attempts. I need to work on flow more. I am so awkward in my movements.I also need to work on landing because I jumped from a kiddie park (Lame I know) ledge today and landed terribly. I need to work on precision jump distance and simply being able to balance when I land on curbs. Also I need to work on balance. I cannot stress any of these points enough. I'm even going to make a list for next training day. 


To work on: 


- Step vaults: Work on being less awkward, try to keep movements smooth. 


-Rolls: Work on rolling on pavement, and try using your left shoulder a few times. 


-Balance, balance, balance: Use rails, use curbs. Find goof balance exercises


-Precision jumps: Try the tapp brother jumping tutorial. Also let's backtrack for a little bit until you can learn to balance easier. Do this by jumping up onto steps and doing broad jumps. 

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