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Hello Nerd Fitness Forums! First time challenger, long-time reader of NF emails (without doing anything about them   :dejection: ).


I'm a few days late because I've been on vacation in Japan for a couple of weeks. I did a bit of shopping, got a LOT of walking done with all the mountains and various cities where I visited friends but I also ate my way through Kansai and brought a suitcase full of snacks I used to thrive on while I lived there. Here's a visual summary of my overall traveling experience:




And just watch that on a loop for about ten days. That was me. NO REGRETS. But, now that I'm back and I can feel myself getting lazy and stagnant again, this challenge is exactly what I need! ã‚ã£ã¡ã‚ƒé ‘張りã¾ã™! ^______^




MAIN QUEST: LOSE AT LEAST FIVE POUNDS (but to be honest any amount will make me happy - my weight has been climbing steadily since I moved back home and I don't like it  :sorrow:)
  1. Get back into belly dancing and build endurance
  2. Drink 1L of green tea and/or water "every day" 
  3. Try one new recipe (i.e. fun cooking experience!) every week
SIDE QUEST: working on my novel! It's been a Nanowrimo work in progress for EVER and it's time to unleash it onto the world in all its beautiful fury. 
I'm still trying to figure out the math of it all, but for my point system I will tally up 5 points for Goals #1 and #2 each and 3 points for Goal #3 each week, then calculate the average after the 3- and 6-week milestones. There's probably an easier and more "correct" way to do it but jet lag and math don't really go together for me right now.
  1. STA 3 (dance 3x/week) + DEX 2 (yoga 2x/week)
  2. CON 5 (5 days/week)
  3. CON 2 (1 pt for making it + 1 pt for health) + WIS 1 (for taking time to enjoy the experience)
  4. WIS 2 (1 pt for finishing it by May 18 in full sentences and corrected for small errors and large plot holes, continuity, etc., 1 pt for making it available for peer review by May 25)

I also love emoticons! The ones on this site are amazing. Expect more emoticons in my post than it socially acceptable!  :victorious:

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NF Level 2, EQ Level 2
Current challenge: 11 (coming soon)
Past (🍒💣) Challenges: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
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New recipes are a great challenge goal.


Recruits don't need to worry about stats until week 3, then they begin counting them.


Welcome to the Rebellion. Since you enjoy belly dancing (one of the many things assassins enjoy) next challenge when you are ready to level up and choose a guild, the assassins may be a group you would enjoy. I am an ambassador for the assassins. Which means, we spy out for potential recruits to our guild, and will come by and cheer you on and answer questions. Feel free to PM me if you have a question, or need some encouragement.


You can go check out some of the thread of assassins and see the kind of things we do. Here are some links you can check out to see what we are up to:



The Assassin Guild Info & Announcements

The Assassins' Den guild chat thread this our fun hang out and chat, post gifs, and ask questions place

The Level 1 Assassin Initiates Q&A/Chat thread

Wisdom 22.5   Dexterity 13   Charisma 15   Strength 21  Constitution-13

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind' Luke 10; 27

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