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A&S Mini - Race Training & Motivation

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Last week was very demotivational. It rained pretty much every day. I only got in 4 workouts. It rained all day Friday and Saturday. Here is hoping to blue skies and sunshine this week...

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How's everyone's training coming? I hit 11 miles yesterday in the brutal heat we got yesterday and was struggling for this first time this year to finish. I did it though, but here is hoping my half marathon has nothing similar to yesterday weather wise.


Congrats on finishing!! 

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Thanks! This week I left the house at 6 AM and drank plenty of water and ate before I left. I then brought a couple of GU packs just in case. Of course you can't plan for everything... I fell after stumbling on an uneven section of sidewalk and took and epic tumble into a role and avoided any major damage. This was at mile 4 of a 12 miler and I thought "Oh no! I don't want to have to call my wife at 6:40 in the morning to come pick me up." It ended up being a light scrape on my knee although the trickle of blood by the time I finished down my leg did make for an impressive sight when I walked in the house ;-)


I hope everyone is doing strong on the final week of the challenge!

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