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The Journey of Malakir Continues


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Having completed my first quest after arriving in town, I've decided to apply to the Ranger's Guild. I believe they will be able to guide me in the future as our interests and talents are more aligned than others' in the community. They've given me a list of tasks to complete over the next couple of fortnights, and I will do my best not to fail. I intend to keep up with my current duties and strive to complete this new quest as well.




Here we go. Challenge two, and the first with the Rangers!


Main Quest: Regain strength, endurance, and flexibility after spinal surgery.


Smart Quest One: "Keep on keeping on" (+3 Str, +2 Stam)


For this quest, I will be continuing my 5 workouts per week, my tracking via myfitnesspal, and my calorie goals of 2200-2400 per day.


Full points = no days missed

3/4 points = 1-2 missed

1/2 points = 3-4 missed

1/4 points = 5-6 missed

No points for 7 or more misses


Smart Quest Two: "Intelligent choices" (+3 Wis, +2 Con)


Here I will be cleaning up my diet. Following a mild IIFYM model I plan on getting within 2% of my macro goals each day WHILE making sure that vast majority of that food is unprocessed/freshly prepared goodness. Currently too much of my intake is coming from a bag, box, bottle, or can. I'm going to do my best to make sure most of my food is coming from as close to the source as possible with as little processing as possible.


Full points = no days missed

3/4 points = 1-2 missed

1/2 points = 3-4 missed

1/4 points = 5-6 missed

No points for 7 or more misses


Smart Quest Three: "Mobility is key" (+3 Dex, +2 Cha)


Before surgery I was very flexible and had great mobility in almost all of joints. Post surgery, that has changed a bit. My hips are tight and so are my hamstrings. For this quest I plan on introducing some mobility work three times a week, intermingled with my workouts. Stretching/Yoga/Foam Rolling TBD.


Full points = no days missed

3/4 points = 1 missed

1/2 points = 2 missed

1/4 points = 3 missed

No points for 4 or more misses


Life Side Quest: Get my household projects completed. This will include clearing out my garage, scheduling the electrical work to be completed, and getting quotes for some of the other work we would like to have done. I'll be doing as much of the labor and materials purchasing as I can, and will learn to do what is feasible, but where licensing or insurance concerns will be a factor I will be hiring local professionals.  LOOT: A happier wife, and a nicer house to come home to.



Bonus Loot for Quest Completion:  IF I am able to complete all of these quests with no more than 1 missed day per quest AND I am able to make headway on the Life Side Quest, THEN I will reward myself with something I've had in mind for quite some time. A Squat Rack and new Bar/Plates for my home gym. These would go a long way in helping me complete my main life goals and open up more training possibilities for the future.


Here we go!



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Malakir - Human Ranger


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