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I've been slacking pretty heavy on my workouts and not doing a great job at working towards my goal.  So I thought I'd take this opportunity to re-focus my effors with this 6 week challenge.


Main Goal: Lose 40 pounds to get back to my "dating weight"

  • Step 1: Water myself like a fracking plant. 
    I've slipped back into the soda habit.  Diet or not that stuff is bad for you and I've noticed it creating sweet cravings that I already struggle with.  So my goal will be 100 oz of water per day.  This means drinking 3 of my "The Cake is a Lie" water bottles full of water at work.  And at least 2 full glasses of Bennigan's cups of water at home.
  • Step 2: Stick to the fracking gym schedule
    I was really enjoying going to the gym on my own and thought some sessions with a personal trainer would only help.  But it wound up having the reverse affect.  The personal trainer I got was terrible and made me want to avoid the gym.  So instead I'm going to go back to what worked.  The gym is my "me" time and I deserve my time.  This means 3 days per week and keep tracking my rep maxes.
  • Step 3: Stop fracking night snacking
    I have a bad habit of cozying up with good series on Netflix and binge watching until midnight or 1am.  Unfortunately this also makes me want to eat an alternating mix of sugary and salty snacks.  To limit my calorie intake I'm going to instigate a modified Gremlin rule: no feeding after 10pm.  Some nights I don't get home from the gym until after 8pm so I didn't want to make the time too early and force myself to miss dinner.  Most nights I'm pretty sedentary after 10 and that's what makes me eat.

I've done month long goals before to help me modify my lifestyle so I'm hopeful on this 6 week challenge.

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You and I are basically living the same challenge. We should be accountablity buddies! I knew that setting a pass/fail thing for cutting soda was guarnteed to fail for me. So now I am on a % days with soda health based goal. I have to go more than 75% of the challenge days soda free. Perhaps something like that will help you stay accountable. Good luck on your quest!

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Try keeping some protein powder deserts around for late night snack attacks. I've found that if I really get hooked on a netflix series, only letting myself watch it while i'm walking on a treadmill or on a bike keeps me from mindlessly snacking. It also helps to put healthy food in the oven right before you watch something, so that you know food will be ready after the first episode and you can eat healthy while you watch the rest.

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Literally the day after I posted this, I got sick with the flu and was laid out on the couch for a week unable to move.  However, I found an upside to having the flu: I hit that water drinking goal every day!  But getting sick like that can really take you down a notch.  So I think I'm going to respawn and try this again for the next 6 week challenge.  See you there!

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