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Main Mission: Lose 20-30 lbs by my birthday (June


Goal 1: Paleo Adventures!

-Need to start eating clean again, stress got to me for the past 2 weeks and I’ve been eating everything in sight. Went shopping and got some healthy food (meat and veggies). It also helps that summer is now here and I can BBQ when I want.


Goal 2: Rebel Strength Guide (L2)

-That’s right, Jen’s doing level 2 again! I have become accustom to the exercises, but I still cannot do a few (clean and press/pistol squat, looking at you two). I have noticed my strength increase slightly and I know that when goal one kicks in, I’ll see more results.


Goal 3: Study!

- University spring term threw a huge amount of work at us in these first two weeks and though I’m keeping up, I need to focus a bit more on studying too. So 6 hours a week will be set aside for that (2 hours a class). 

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Weight Loss. 195lbs -> 135lbs (60lbs target loss)


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Hey there Teros, things are starting to go well  :)

Finally snapped back into the clean eating mindset, haven't had any junk food cravings this week and the workouts are finally on track as well. I got a bike on Thursday, so I've been riding to work (only about a 5-7 minute ride). 

University is going well, one class is very condensed, we've only had two classes and just had a midterm. I've finally gotten into the swing of keeping on top of homework and studying, so the goals are finally falling into place! 

Weight Loss. 195lbs -> 135lbs (60lbs target loss)


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