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Assassin to Scout for 2015! Sparkle against herself!

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Hi all!


Woohoo just finished finals this week and am so excited for this 6 week challenge!


My Main Quest:


1. Duathlon May 17; Super-Sprint (1km run, 10km bike, 2.5km run)  or Sprint (2.5km run, 20km bike, 5km run) giving myself space with this as a minimum or space to grow into the bigger one. More events this summer, this will lead up to it!


2. Centre or Straddle Splits; Do side splits everyday and stretch hip-flexors and progress each week (take pictures each day)


My Life Quest:


Learn Korean. Got the alphabet: http://nedhardy.com/2012/04/25/learn-korean-in-15-minutes-yep-its-that-easy/

Listen to korean music, find manga or comics or any basic books in korean (any suggestions anyone?)


Will write a brief blurb in korean and post a youtube link to me speaking it each week 

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Yes my Main Quest is very reasonable for this 6 week challenge and I have stuck a benchmark for my Life Quest which is Korean, I will aim for A2 and hope for B1.

There are online tests to gauge my language level and I will continue with the weekly korean youtube blurbs. Might extend to 2 or 3 vids a week, but will qualify with the once weekly. I will take weekly tests and the European Level Tester at the end of the challenge. 

These are both skills I wish to acquire and have the time and resources to accomplish them.

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