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Challenge is a bust, but I'm too busy to care right now.  I think taking a sabbatical from challenges to deal with other stuff is a good idea right now.  Still doing 1-2 classes a week, but I'll be taking a break from that as well.  I bust my wrist pretty bad and my shoulder is still feeling weird from that cartwheel.  I've been seeing a chiropractor.  I think once my unlimited monthly sub is up for pole, I'll take a break till september and then respawn (and resub).  Let it heal, take a breather and focus on adult-ing (which has been getting in the way).  And I can do other things like hike outdoors or do bodyweight stuff (handstands are getting better, but the shoulder is in the way of progress).


There's also other health stuff that's flying around (new bc, getting another bc method) and I've been getting hit with some of the side effects pretty bad.


Funny thing?  The one thing that stuck during this challenge is outside= 1x/week lol.  And cooking.  Lots of cooking when I have the time (or force the issue).


Life got in the way, but thank you all for asking!  Sorry if I've worried anyone.  I hope you're all doing well :D


I didn't realized we were challenge anniversary birthday twins!

Neither did I! SCORE ;)


Poutine fest?????


Zowie!  That sounds like a BLAST!  Horrible, as far as health food goes... but worth going to for sure :)


Amazing how hard dance is in general, yes?  To make it look easy?  Haven't figured that one out yet.  So hard.


Hope you feel better soon...

Oooh man and the duck and brie and chicken shawarma was gooo~oood.  But the price!  It's like they doubled it since last year.  So prohibiting to my poutine love!


To make it look easy? Same way we make everything else look easy ;)  Practice Practice Practice!


I did ballet for 14 years and I still was pretty terrible at it. That stuff is HARD.  But so fun and flexy and strong! 


Hope all is going well for you this week!

I think it's pretty good, I guess I find the way the instructor handles it not so good?  I dunno... But yea flexy and strong does come to mind!


I hope you're feeling better. I don't like germs; I'm gonna take a stand and say they're not good.


I'm interested in your ice tea container. Can you share a link to where you bought it?


HERE IT IS~  I love it when it's full of an ice tea I like (the last batch had grapefruit in it and blergh, I hate grapefruit) and the beauty is you can choose to make it stronger (add more tea) and you can choose which sugar/sweetener and how much to use.  I like to fill mine with boiled water from the kettle to melt the rock sugar first and then fill the rest.  I let it sit in the fridge overnight once it cools down a bit.

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