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Question about angry bird workout

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I'm JUST starting to workout and I chose to do the angry bird workout this morning. I started at level 1 for all of the exercises. Now I am INCREDIBLY out of shape but somehow manages to complete all of them in two sets. I did it circuit style and let's just say "I ain't no pansy" crossed my mind once or twice, lol. Post workout though I could hardly move. I did all of my stretching on my back and didn't get up for 10 minutes or so. I'm terrified to see what getting out of bed tomorrow is going to feel like :(

I know that since I completed my reps in two sets I'm supposed to advance a level, but I really don't feel confident in doing that. Again I'm supper new to working out so I don't know if my inability to move is a good thing (like "Yeah! You kicked your a**) or a sign that I over exerted myself.

Any and all advice/comments are much appreciated! Thanks!

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It's just a sign that what you did was new.  Eventually you'll stop feeling sore even after very hard work outs, provided they don't introduce too many new things (different motions, more volume, much, much higher weight).  As for the next one, I don't think you can go wrong either way.  Personally, I'd probably repeat level 1 but try to do things for more reps, or try to add a third set (even if that 3rd set has far fewer reps than the previous two).  That's just me, though.

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Hi thist514,

that's perfectly normal because you're just starting out and your body isn't quite used to the extra "work". Like JPrev above said, eventually you'll stop feeling sore after a workout.

So keep pushing on and you'll be fine!!

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