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Ruckus is the worst: A 5-ish week challenge


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Didn't end up running on Sunday, but I had a weird one-sided conversation on the bus on the way back from graduation. I went to Tufts and got on the bus at the Tufts stop. I sit down behind this guy and he turns around and says "Have you ever imagined Tufts as an orchard? That's the only way it would bear fruit." He proceeds to go on about how people hate how colleges don't pay taxes, the people who went to them should get the hell out of the area as soon as they're done, and that anyone who needs more than 12 years of schooling has to be dumb. I'm just sitting there like "...ok..." since it just didn't seem worth it to argue with him. Surely he knew he was talking to a college grad who lives in the area (and is doing quite well for herself). It just seemed too weird of a story not to share.


Didn't go to NP on Monday because it wasn't convenient to get to. My alarm went off for NP this morning, but for whatever reason I was convinced it was Thursday, so I shut it off and went back to bed. Friday for sure! #notaverbal

Scout / Assassin. Ich spreche etwas deutsch.

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"You just have to run to the end of the block. It's not as hard as you think it is."
--Leonard Fisher (12 and Holding)

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