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Ghostwolf's guide through the blood, sweat, and tears

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Hey all,


   Im now 35 and had a log here awhile ago and just now coming back on after a year or two layoff. my first venture I lost a bunch of weight and got nice and strong even though I stopped logging. I broke my foot in several places and because of a dvt(blood clot) in the same leg it took over a year to heal. it still gives me pain but some of that is due to me gaining the unwanted weight back on. I now weigh 328lbs and want to paleo and body weight  myself down to about 210lbs before I start weight training again and then put on another 10-20 in lean muscle leaving me somewhere between 220-230. I'm a tall bastard at over 6'4 barefoot so even with that weight I am will be a skinny bastard. I plan on doing marches 5x a week and body circuits 3-4x a week until it falls off from the paleo.


I blame no one but myself for the weight gain. I got depressed, ate like shit, smoked again, overall just awful health style. I am here to stop crying and keep honest, log workouts, and maybe converse a little bit with folks about the multiverse. I am a single dad to one son who is now 12 and want to be an inspiration to him in all things in this crazy life. feel free to comment and follow along as you will.


I will list measurements and stats after tonights trial workout.

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fitness test went like this




pushups: 23

BW Squats: 34

pullups: 0 assisted 3

plank: 37seconds

burpees: 7

jump rope: 2 minute 24 seconds

walk: 47 minutes at a 3.6mph pace


foot ached after the jump rope and walking, may have to tone that down. as you can see I have a lot of ground to make.

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    my parents Homeland is Australia. I am a first generation American. they came over illegally in the late 70's but my dad was granted citizenship here in 2001. I envy you. I have never seen the country of my forefathers. I dream of it often and one day when responsibility has lessened I will go there and may never come back.

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yesterday's workout.


10 minute warm up


pushups 5x3

wall squats 10x3

inv rows 5x3

sit ups 10x3


walked 10 minutes


cooldown stretch 5 minutes


I was still sore from the test and found the results to be lacking. I struggled with everything. I tried an assisted pull up but got about halfway and froze.

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thanks seven! I'm just praying I don't get it. I am a complete wuss when it comes to stomach bugs so I've been disinfecting like crazy. to be honest though I love every minute of it.


  As having full custody right now it gives me every chance to be the Dad I can be. He's my little man even though hes twelve. I just love being a Dad, its the one thing I know God wanted me to be. I'm stern when I have to be but I spoil him when he deserves it on the same token. I'm reminded of that song by George Straight "A Fathers Love", yeah that's me. I want to leave a legacy with him and for my grand children through him. Good stuff.


tonights workout:


warmup 10 minutes


DB press 25lb ea. 8x3

DB row "             " 8x3

DB DLs "            " 8x3

sit-ups 10x3


walk 10 minutes


cool down stretch 5 minutes


also threw in ankle mobility drills for the foot as it stands I can not do one lunge even with a chair, it hurts like a son of a gun.


dinner is wild boar sausage from last seasons hunt in a wine sauce and mixed veggies.


have a great night all

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tonights workout:


warm up 10 minutes


march 20 minutes


plank 15sec x3


ankle mobility 5 minutes


cooldown stretch 10 minutes


feeling good. diet was good today had chicken and veggies for lunch making veggie omlettes and bacon for dinner(breakfast for dinner is a favorite of ours). gonna give quitting smoking a try starting tomorrow. I would like to live a long, happy, healthy life(at least make it to 72) and I know smoking along with being over weight doesn't help any of that, so on with the life style changes. I was thinking of an e-cig to help with the withdraws. does anybody have any news on these? any way hope you guys are kicking ass out there. enjoy your evening.

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I gave up smoking about 12 years ago, it was the hardest thing ever. You're trying to lose an addiction. I failed 3 times before I got it right. Right up until 4-5 years in every now and then I would feel like lighting up. Hasn't happen for a long time now, but it is easier because Australia has banned smoking in all public buildings, pubs, parks, even trying to get it banned on the beaches, and 5 metres from door ways etc. smokers are becoming a rare breed.

The biggest thing I found that helped was getting rid of the smoking place. We had a table on the patio, we would have our 1st coffee and a ciggie, we would have a meal then go outside for a ciggie, have friends over, sit outside and smoke.

We literally threw the table away, filled in the patio with plants and removed the area we associated with smoking. It was even better when we shifted house because the house we are in has never had that smoking association. It didn't smell like cigarettes, it didn't have ashtrays around various parts of the garden etc.

Good Luck with the quitting, but when you do it and 3 years from now you are going to be able to take a deep breath and know you did the right thing.

Wait! What............?

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had a good weekend. watched the fight Saturday at my place, I was greatly disappointed as I'm sure many were. had friends over and bbq'd and drank way to much but it was a good Saturday.


yesterdays workout went like this:


warm-up 10min.


push ups 5x3

wall squats 8x3

inverted rows 8x3

planks 15secx3


walk/jog on the hamster wheel

jog(5.2mph) 30 sec then 1 minute walk(3.5mph) x10


cool down stretch 5 minutes


heel was a little sore today but nothing I cant manage. tonights workout:


warm up stretch 5 minutes


25min relaxation/stretch yoga


10 minute march 3.8mph


cooldown stretch 5 min.


dinner is chicken in a lemon sauce with steamed garlic veggies

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