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Newbie Form Check

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I have been lifting for a few months but the power rack in my gym has no mirrors, making it difficult to check my form while lifting. After making some early strength gains I've started to feel persistent tightness and stiffness (but not really any pain) in the my hips, especially around the adductors, the area where the back of the leg meets the glutes, and the area on the sides of the lower back where the hips start to run into the glutes (whatever that's called). After reviewing these videos I'm come to the conclusion that my form is pretty comprehensively fucked, especially on the deadlifts, but I'd like to get some more qualified opinions as to what I should focus on. 
I apologize for the less than stellar angle, I was limited in where I could prop up the camera.

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Squat: I don't think it looks fucked, looks ok from a LBBS perspective. This is a pretty shitty camera angle and I can't see much...but I'm guessing your feet are a bit too wide. Move them in an inch on each side and turn your toes out a bit more. Might help with the hip tightness. Otherwise the hip drive looks good, can't see bar path. 


Didn't see a DL video and didn't watch presses/rows. 

"I've torn a hamstring tendon and re-injured my knee, lower back, and upper back while doing yoga. Don't get me started on shin splints. You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't, so might as well be strong." - Some guy on the SS forums.

"Heavy is dangerous, but light is no fun." - Mark Rippetoe

"Squats are a good assistance to bring up your curl, as a bonus you can do your squats while your are still in the curl rack." - SJB


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