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Squat form check - 90 kg

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If you're worried about your back (and chest) being too horizontal or low, a trick that my trainer taught me is to focus on a high point the wall in front of you. In a way it forces you to raise your chest while you're squatting.

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If your anatomy allows you to go lower, I would suggest dropping the weight and getting a handle on going lower. You want to be able to achieve full depth for your body type- if you're doing that, good, if not, work on it.

Also, your descent is very quick. If I were you I would work on slowing that down and maintaining control throughout the entire lift. Think of 'pulling' yourself down to the ground and you'll engage your hip flexors and add more strength to your lift.

At the peak of your lift, thrust your hips out and squeeze your buttcheeks togethers- right now you're missing out full ROM at the top of your lift.

I think those are the biggest things. You're back is alright- a little shaky, which comes with the territory when you're going heavy- but as long as you keep tight and cue yourself to stay rigid you'll be fine. If you're worried about it log some more volume at sub maximal weights and those muscles involved in keeping you upright will figure out how to do their job.

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Quick tips

1. place something small and unobtrusive so you can "sit" on it at bottom of your squat position, do bodyweight, then bar first. Start adding weight for warmup. Can remove after warmup set. Do not actually sit on the object, is there for you to start feeling where your body position should be at.

2. Do not look at your feet. Look straight forward. This will help keep chest up and core rigid.

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More important than back angle is whether the bar is going straight up and down over the middle of your foot.  If it is, then all the angles are what the angles are.  If it isn't going straight up and down, then the 'bad' angles help you figure out why.  


Your bar path looks pretty good from that angle, though you need some more depth and control as the others mentioned.

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Thanks guys. Honestly I'm still figuring out the "stay tight"-part. At least I feel like I've got it down in my upper back.

Do you think the second rep is nearing okay speeds, or should it be way slower?

The reps feel grindy at times. What are your opinions on this? Are grindy reps during training okay?

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My personal take is to grind when you feel like grinding. 

In other words, if you're hating life and your session is sucking and all the bad things are happening, back off the weights, get your numbers for sets and reps and get out. On other days, if you're feeling it, you're in the zone and you want to push some barriers, don't be afraid to get under the bar and do some hard work and embrace the grind on your way to some new PBs.

You have to have the bad days if you want to have the good days, but if you're constantly running yourself into the ground then you're going to quit before those good days roll around.

For me, 90% of my lifting is done at sub maximal effort. Once a fortnight I'll do heavy singles (though that's about to change as I'm on the cusp of finishing up my current program) and the rest of the time I'm working between 60%-80%. Then occasionally I'll have days when my 80% feels like my 60% and I'll take advantage and see where I can go with it, knowing full well the next day I'll be backing things right off to compensate.

"No-one tells a T-Rex when to go to sleep".

- Jim Wendler

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