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My multilevel consectutive six week challenges

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Heyas, in the last few months i've looked through tonnes of blogs, studies and articles. Learning so many interesting things about health and nutrition, yet barely implementing anything i learned.

Over the next few challenges i plan to change this. I will gradually add in interesting practices over time, instead of attempting everything the start. With the end goal of being the healthiest i can be, even if i only keep that up for a month. I'm going to attempt to enchance my nutrition, cognition and physical health as much as i can over that time period, im curious as to how i'll feel by the end.


I'm making this post to help me commit to doing this. :tongue:


Between now and the start of the next challenge, i will work on losing an additional 4 kg of weight and restarting my excersise program. Which i stopped for two months after a wrist injury.

My own personal challenges will look like this.


Just a little warning, im not a doctor or nutritionist or anything like that. I feel confident enough that i can do these things without harm, but i'd imagine that some of these practices could be harmful to some people and i could always be wrong. I tried my best to be unspecific about some things, like the diet. Do your own research ^_^

First six week challenge will be focused on the fundementals:

  • Stick to diet, generally low-medium carb with an emphasis on whole food and individual nutrients, eating enough high quality carbs to sustain exersise. I made my own (as perfect as i could make it) diet plan, that i plan to stick to over the time period. It may sound boring, but it actually includes most of my favourite foods. I will also cook the meals differently every day, like curries, salads, stews and stir frys ect for variety. It generally includes fermented and properly prepared food, and i am attempting to eat food that is higher in rarer trace minerals. Such as silicia and boron, as well as vitamin k2 (among other things). So basically more plants like cucumber/avocado, quality pastured animal produce and perhaps natto(im undecided on soy, but i only plan to eat 10g four times a week).
  • Reduce alcohol to once a fortnight and attempt to eliminate Softdrink entirely
  • Start meditation for five mins a day, working up to 30
  • Stick to exersise program, generally strength training with hiit cardio
  • Fix up sleeping patterns, bed by 11pm, wake up by 7:30- 8:00am
  • Join yoga, preferably bikram

THe second set of six weeks will be focused on unnessessary things that may still offer benefits for me. :D

  • My own intermittant fasting protocol.
  • Cold exposure (already doing, but i figured id list it anyway.)
  • Heat exposure (hence the bikram)
  • Backwards/ barefeet walking, slowely working up to jogging. I figure it will work out different muscles.
  • Exposure to nature.
  • Experiment with suppliments. Not really things like vitamins or minerals, more like adaptogens or nootropics. With the goal of further improving cognitive performence or memory.

I will update this when the next challenge comes along, good luck with your own challenges. :]

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Good luck Azarok!  Sounds like you've got it all planned out :nevreness:

Challenges: 1

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Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom. The major value in life is not what you get. The major value in life is what you become. Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.  Jim Rohn

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haha, well that was a bust. For those wondering, i was shredded by an exam period. I did, however manage to start with a few of these. Intermittent fasting,  exercise and cold exposure (at least during the winter months) as well as some nootropics. Since i finally have some time to spare, ill attempt to work on the others. The softdrink is easily the hardest thing to get rid of. :/

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