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Hello! I'm late to this challenge so it's 4 week challenge for me. I hope I'm doing this right.


I'm a US size 10 and I'd like to go back to what I was 3 years ago - a size 6 by the end of November, 2015. I miss my old clothes!

I enjoy doing yoga a lot and biking when the weather allows it. I like taking group fitness classes at my local YMCA because I don't like working out alone.I work at a computer from 9-5 and don't move around much during that time. I LOVE food. I love tasting new flavours and experimenting with my cooking. I would like to be to get strong and flexible and be able to do a handstand someday.



Main Quest:  Fit into a US size 6


Quest 1: Do four 1 hour group classes a week. I'm currently doing 2 yoga classes and 1 barre class a week.

Measurement: A = 4 classes/week, B = 3 classes/week , C = 2 classes/week, D = 1 classes/week, F = 0 classes/week



Quest 2: Keep my calorie intake below 1270/day. I do this 3-4 days a week now. Just need to get consistent.

Measurement: A = 7 days/week, B = 5 days/week, C = 4 days/week, D = 2 days/week



Quest 3: Bike to work everyday. For this I need to suck it up and wear a raincoat on rainy days- it's like a 10 minute ride to work.

Measurement: A = 5 days/week; B = 4 days/week, C = 3 days/week, D = 2 days/week, F = 1 days/week



Life Quest: I want to start my own business selling screen printed posters and tea towels. My illustration / visual design skills have gone rusty from lack of use. I need to practice to get better again. I'm going to create 2 screen printable designs a week.

Measurement: A = 8 illustrations in 4 weeks, B = 6 illustrations in 4 weeks, C = 4 illustrations in 4 weeks, D = 2 illustrations in 4 weeks, F = 0 illustrations in 4 weeks



Motivation:   1. I have a suitcase full of clothes I don't fit into anymore. I'd like to wear them now. 

2. To have my own business.

3. Show off my hand stand!

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Just checking in.


So I've managed to keep on track so far this week.

I still have to do 2 more group classes and I missed a bike ride on Tuesday but I can make it up by biking during the weekend.


I have mad cravings for a cupcake right now. And I'm going to a sketching event. There will be beer and I might have trouble keeping my calorie intake below 1270. 

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Woohoo! I made it below 1270 cals on Friday!


And then I messed up some on the weekend. So here's how I did:


Quest 1: C - I did only 2 classes last week. I was meant to do one on Saturday and one on Sunday but the weekend was a difficult time.


Quest 2: B - I was able to manage my intake for 6 days and then on Sunday it all went downhill and I killed insane amounts of food in an emotional eating frenzy.


Quest 3: A - yaay! I actually managed to complete one of my quests well.


I'm not sure if all weekends are my weak spot or just this weekend with a certain combination of triggers that lead to me do poorly on my goals. I'm going to try harder to stay on track next weekend and note what changes in my motivation if I don't.


Life quest: I was unable to create complete illustrations but I did start one and messed it up and then went sketching and practiced my life drawing skills.

I also registered for a screen printing class that starts today and goes on for 8 weeks, so that's a positive step towards my bigger goal.

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