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[heatherallyse] Chapter II: Enter, Self


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Hello fellow nerd fitness members! 


It's me again, off to be an adventurer and tackle the world. Much to the dismay of some of my fellows, I've disappeared for a few days because, alas, my medication got out of whack and I got a very rude reminder that taking care of myself is paramount to being a healthy person. So! This has actually colored how I'm going to tackle this challenge. This six week challenge is a little more like a three week challenge, since I disappeared into the ether and kept some people guessing. 


So, given the nature of this challenge and its suuuuuper short duration, I'm here to give you all the run down as to what is going to happen. 



Lifestyle goal:

Take all of my medications and vitamins on time and as prescribed: this is super hard for me. I'm one of those people who decides, when medicine doesn't seem to be effective, I don't take it anymore. This is an ENORMOUS PROBLEM when you have a chronic illness. You don't realize it at the time, but you can send yourself into a tailspin where you take months to climb back to a reasonable place. Basically, it sucks. And it's actually super hard to keep up with your medication because, sometimes, it feels like shit and it gets you super disheartened. So! My goal is to take my medication as prescribed every day. This is an all or nothing goal. 

NOTES: this goal is Pass/Fail daily. When I pass this goal for the day, I am getting stickers. I take medication 3 times daily, so there is the potential for three stickers per day. 

+2 constitution for completion

Fitness goal:

Find a yoga class and go to it: Okay, so! When I was in the hospital it was recommended that I find some healthy way to deal with my stressors and recenter myself. It was suggested that I try doing yoga, because it would improve some of my mobility issues (damn you, hips! Getting in the way of my ability to do deep squats!) and it helps someone practice good breathing techniques. 

NOTES: I want to try to go to a yoga class twice a week. It doesn't have to be the same class, but it does have to be a yoga class twice a week. Wins are calculated ones a week 

+1 dexterity, +1 stamina for completion

A TOTAL WIN: 5 stickers per week: 2 yoga classes / 3 days independent stretching 

A TECHNICAL WIN: 3 stickers: 2 yoga classes 

A SORTA WIN: 2 stickers: 1 yoga class/2 days independent stretching

WELL, YOU TRIED: 1 sticker: 3 days of independent stretching, no yoga. 

*caveat: If I can't find time to do a yoga class one week, it can be substituted with one thirty minute yoga session from Youtube or some other online provider. A busy schedule should not deter me from having fun doing yoga. 

Lifestyle goal:

Make 3 meals at home per week: I'm going to be at home a lot for the next few weeks for medical crap. It'll not only help me save money, but it will help me track the things that go into my body and what will help me get back on my A-game. Basically, this is a life skill that I need to learn because I'm not doing a super good job of taking care of myself in a responsible adult fashion. 

NOTES: This is going to be a fun goal, because it will give me the opportunity to be one of those people that gets to post pictures of food porn (delicious food pictures for the sake of giving other people the satisfaction of nummy looking food stuff) and posting a recipe for people to follow if it turns out delicious. Overall, I'm looking forward to this being one of the fun challenges I get to do.

A TOTAL WIN: 5 stickers:  5 meals at home per week

A TECHNICAL WIN: 3 stickers: 3 meals at home per week

A SORTA WIN: 2 stickers: 2 meals at home per week

WELL, YOU TRIED: 1 sticker: 1 meal at home per week

+1 constitution +1 stamina upon completion

Personal betterment goal: 

Keep up a journal every day: Journal keeping is super therapeutic and really helpful. At the end of the day, it's probably one of the best things you can do to vent and vent safely. It's going to be a one sticker a day goal, but every day I journal I get to be a little more in touch with my day. I have so many books to keep my thoughts and feelings in, so it's time I start filling those up. 

+2 wisdom upon completion


I love writing. I love it like it is my sun and moon and birthday cake all rolled into one. I want to find a way to make sense of what I'm doing and write it in a fun way. This is just for fun, but it'll be a good prompt to get things going

+1 charisma upon completion

 -S t a r . R u b y -



str: 1, dex: 1, sta: 1, con: 3.5, wis: 3.0, cha: 1.5

Challenge Chapter I : Exit, Blerch : Chapter II : Enter, Self : Chapter III : Phoenix Ascendant 

Challenge Zombie Arc: 2016 - Infected : Infected, Part II : Typhoid Ruby (Infected, pt II continued)

Hey, look! It's the completely awesome Battle Log I keep neglecting!


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I've only just figured out that tackling big problems slowly and steadily actually seems to work, and the way your goals are set up makes me think that you can knock this out of the park! Especially with the energy I'm getting out of your post. It's exciting!


Also this -->



....I'm not doing a super good job of taking care of myself in a responsible adult fashion. 


is also what I've been trying to work on this challenge, (except my kryptonite is cleaning and procrastination!) And I really like food porn. :D


Looking forward to some RP-ing and ass-kicking!



Currently reading: Good Omens by Terry Pratchet & Neil Gaiman

Currently playing: Outer Worlds (Xbox)

Current DnD character: A radio presenter who’s magical bardic weapon is a portable radio broadcaster’s kit

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