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Real Time Support Group? Skype?

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So, my wife and I have been working the same dietician and the same counselor. We've both made great progress. Her program has been greatly enhanced by a weekly support group. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for us to attend the same group, and most other groups are tied to a specific "diet plan". Would anyone on Nerd Fitness be interested in getting together via Skype for a weight loss support group?

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Hey there - this is an awesome idea!

I'm a health coach (an Eating Psychology Coach, specifically). If you'd like a professional to join in on the group and offer some tips now and then, I'd be super happy to help out. I don't have a diet philosophy (other than a focus on real food), nor any agenda or programs I'm pushing. Just love NF and helping peeps :)

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I'd be interested in joining if you do this!

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