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Cutting/Bulking vs. minor long term deficit??

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The occasional drink won't do you any harm, but excessive boozing will hamper your progress in muscle-building. Not only that, but it will hamper your ability to lift which will further impede your strength-building progress.


Honestly, whilst bulking, carbs are good... mmmkay. Get enough protein for repair and enough fat to keep hormones in balance, but carbs should actually make up a fairly hefty proportion of your diet. 



A pint after the gym is better than ten the next day, but booze definitely kills gainz. :)

Good info to know!!!

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I totally do. Have you not seen my Instagram?


No, but now I definitely will be checking that out.  Tonight is my official end of challenge cheat night, so I annihilated my calorie goals with a bunch of no bake peanut butter fudge cookies.


Yes, they were as amazing as they sound.  Now the guilt is slowly settling in though...

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