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Hey guys! I'm really excited to find a community like this that is so geared towards getting in better shape.

I read the latest post by Steve on the AOM blog and it really inspired me to start working out more, however, I hadn't set any goals, and I didn't even think about starting a journal. So, I'm really glad that he's put out this challenge. Below are my goals and I'll be posting as often as I remember to give updates on my successes/failures. I'll take a photo when I get home tonight and if I reach my goals, I'll upload the before and after photos here.


Do three sets of push-ups and crunches every day, at least three days a week, working up towards a total of 36 push-ups and 300 crunches per day.

Drink only water and juice, no sodas or other drinks.

Wake up at the same time every day (and get going) to get my body on a schedule instead of making it random.


Eat meals that are more healthy/fresh (i.e. less processed).

Try to eat berries for breakfast and berries/nuts for snacks throughout the day.

Do something physical every day for at least half an hour, preferably cardio.

Progress: Week 1

Day 1 - Well, I did 3 sets of 5 push-ups today and a total of 150 crunches (ish...I lost count on one set). I woke up and got out of bed just after 7:00, so I'm going to try to set my time at 6:30 from now on. I had a Sprite at lunch, but I'm throwing the rest out and drinking water from hence forth. Edit: I lied...the sprite was so watered down from the ice that I forgot it was sprite and drank it anyway; but I poured out the leftover sprite at my house (after taking a small sip and realizing I was breaking my goal).

Day 2 - Woke up at 6:30 and crawled out of bed. Had 1 glass of OJ for breakfast, 1 bologna sandwich and chips for lunch (400ish calories). Pork pot-roast (2 slices) with carrots and some potato-like vegetable, cinnamon apples for "desert". Instead of biking, walked 2 miles with my fiancé around the track.

Day 3 - Spent the night at my fiancé's house, so I was awake well before my 6:30 alarm, but I didn't get out of bed until 6:39 (1 snooze). Already did my crunches/push-ups today: 6p,60c,5p,40c - 10 second rest because it hurt - 20c,7p,60c; all done with about 60 seconds between "circuits". Glass of OJ for breakfast, same bologna sandwich for lunch (with a few more chips to finish off the bag), and way too much for dinner: 2 (smallish) bowls of Fritos chili cheese (with onions and mustard) and a hot dog with catsup. Still no sodas, just juice and water so far!

Day 4 - Same deal with waking up, was awake at 6:00 with my fiancé, didn't get going until about 7:00 (I did check e-mail and stuff in bed for around 20 minutes, so my mind was at least active). No breakfast :-( but I had a chicken salad for lunch with some chips and salsa. Helped my dad move for about 1.5hours, so I got a decent workout. Dinner was 1 grilled cheese sandwich with baked lays chips and a pickle.

Day 5 - Woke up at 6:30, grabbed my phone and hit snooze, walked back to my bed and laid down but turned on my light. Started looking at e-mail, but my eyes couldn't focus and I had to pee. That woke me up, so I grabbed my laptop and started getting stuff done! I plan on heading to the store today to buy some fresh food (vegetables and nuts/berries) for breakfast/lunches and lean meats for dinner. I'm going to work out before I hop in the shower, and then hopefully get an appointment at the chiropractor to see if he can fix my back/ribs :-( .

Update x1: Yay! He fixed me, I think. Anyway, stopped by Taco Bell next door to his office for lunch and got 3 fresco crunchy tacos (150 calories each) and a water. Worked out before my shower: 8p,70c,7p,70c,6p (finished out to 10 on my knees),70c. Still haven't been shopping, but I'll do that on my way home.

Author's Log, Stardate 11003.05: I just turned down one of the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever seen in my life! The good part: I turned it down! If I weren't on the challenge, I would have made some lame excuse as to why I could eat it and it wouldn't matter. Thanks for pushing us to stick with this! This community is really great :-)

Update x2: Had an apple around 3:00 to tide me over until dinner. Went shopping for some good stuff after work: pecans, pistachios, berries, bananas, water, etc. Apple wasn't enough, eating some pecans before dinner at 7:00. Too cold to go riding like I had wanted :-(

Update x3: Finally got dinner: ham and provolone sandwich with veggie chips and a pickle; water to drink.

Day 6 - Really blew it so far today. Stayed with my fiancé and slept in until about 9:00, then, got ready for a party I'm throwing where I ordered lot's of pizza and pasta. I've eaten way too much so far, but I've still only had water. I did do a lot of cleaning, so I've gotten some exercise today. I'll try to go riding tonight to work some of it off, but now, onto the movies :-)

Day 7 - Never made it riding last night, the party that started at noon didn't get over until 9:00pm. Anyway, woke up at 7:30 today to get ready. I didn't sleep well, so I didn't want to get up, but I did. Did some stretching/warmup and then 8p,75c,8p,75c,8p,75c; I didn't think I was going to make the last few pushups, but I did! Yay progression :-) Going to get some work done, shower, grab some berries for breakfast and head to church.

Update x1: Rushed out of the house to go to church and forgot about the berries/breakfast. Had a decent lunch: salad with Italian dressing, some hot dog weenie things, and a vegetable-beef casserole. Dinner was a vegetable/beef lasagna with asparagus and garlic bread. Still only water all day!

Progress: Week 2

Day 8 - Woke up late and rushed to work, grabbed a glass of OJ when I got there. The waking up on time has definitely been the hardest goal, and I'm going to work really hard toward achieving it. I had a nap yesterday though, so I didn't get to sleep until really late last night. About to go grab something healthy for lunch and bring it back to the office. Probably more fresco tacos as they were really tasty.

Update x1: Did indeed get the the tacos (x3) and a water. They weren't quite as delicious as the ones on the other side of town, but the restaurant was really rushed at lunchtime. Had a bag of Gardettos for a snack (240 calories, way too many). Went to Burger King with the fiancé for dinner and ordered 2 fish sandwiches (no cheese) expecting them to be small. They were huge. Ate one at the restaurant, ate the other one at home about an hour and a half later. Had a handfull of pecans as a late night snack while watching Dollhouse (catching up on season 2).

Day 9 - Woke up at 6:30, hit snooze and hopped back in bed; but, I did turn my light on so I wouldn't go back to sleep. I got up the second time my alarm went off at 6:39 and started checking e-mail/doing work; so, I'm gonna call that a win. Added some Jumping Jacks to my workout today, so it went as follows:

Short warmup then 3 sets of:

30 Jumping Jacks

8 Pushups

80 Crunches

Breakfast: A glass of OJ and a small bowl of cereal with 2% reduced fat milk

Lunch: Bologna and cheese sandwich with a handful of Fritos

Dinner: 2 bowls of beef/chili over Fritos and cheese (I think the beef was bad, my stomach was killing me this morning)

Day 10 - Woke up rather sick today a few minutes before my alarm went off. Stayed home all day, but ate fairly well (at home at least).

Breakfast: About 20 blueberries.

Lunch: Pastrami sandwich with cheese and mustard, about 25 chips (total 500ish calories).

Dinner: Hamburger with cheese, onions and pickles, handful of chips, bowl of fruit (grapes, strawberries and bananas with a tad bit of sugar over the top).

Coffee Time (every Wednesday night): Splurged and got a 25 calorie, 8g of sugar vitamin water.

Day 11 - Stayed with fiancé woke up late. Still wasn't feeling very well, so I didn't really get going until about 10:00am. Did my workout before my shower though.

5 minute warmup; then 3 sets of:

8 Pushups (10 on the last set)

50 Jumping Jacks

85 Crunches

Breakfast: About 30 red grapes

Lunch: General Tso's Chicken (15 pieces) with two scoops of steamed rice and wonton soup

Snack: About 20 pistachios

Dinner: 6-inch subway sandwich with a liberal amount of light mayonnaise

Day 12 - Woke up at about 5:15 because I couldn't breath. Stayed in bed until about 7:30 when my fiancé was rushing to get out of the door because she was late.

Breakfast: Skipped

Lunch: Taco Bueno beef chillada platter

Snack: Pecans

Dinner: Half a ham and provolone sandwich on a croisant with chips and a cup of spicy potato soup (really good tasting, really bad for you)

Day 13 - Slept in with my fiancé again. I think I've pretty much lost on this goal so far; but I'm going to get back on it starting on Monday (I'm writing this on Sunday, so I can't really say I'll start tomorrow =P ). As far as my nothing but water goes, I made a slight exception for tonight: my mom threw us an engagement party, so I had a few glasses of champaign (or some bubbly alcohol) and then a few sips of the really good lemonade. But I tried to drink a lot of water throughout the night as well.

Short warmup then 3 sets of:

9 Push Ups

90 Crunches

50 Jumping Jacks

Breakfast: Skipped, stayed in bed pretty late, didn't see anything at the house that looked good.

Lunch: General Tso's Chicken with fried rice, water to drink.

Dinner: Munched on grapes, olives, cheese, cake, and then (yes then) had a small sandwich on a croissant.

Day 14 - Woke up feeling like I was going to throw up and had a bad headache. I think it was a slight combination of too much of different food, plus the alcohol. I've been trying to be nice to my body (food wise) and I think it revolted with the bombardment of crap I ate. Pretty sure I'm not doing that again. Anyway, slept through church until about 12:45 and finally got up to go shower. Felt okay, but didn't start feeling great until about 2:00.

Breakfast: None, too sick.

Lunch: Nothing really...too sick. Had a grilled cheese sandwich around 4:30.

Dinner: Hamburger with cheese and a hot dog with chips.

Today wasn't soo hot, but I'm still sticking with water. I felt the temptation though today. I actually wanted Mountain Dew...I hate Mountain Dew, but it had caffeine and everyone else was drinking it. Anyway, I might have someone else who will join the 28-day challenge; at least in spirit, since we're already so far in.

Progress: Week 3

Day 15 - Slept in a bit, decided not to work out because I (and my body) was so tired that I didn't think I would be able to finish. Pushing the workout until tomorrow.

Breakfast: Half a bowl of cereal (Banana Nut Crunch) with 2% reduced fat milk.

Lunch: Ham, pastrami and provolone sandwich with potato sticks (think thin, rectangular chips) and a few slices of Zucchini bread.

Dinner: Half of a crunchy chicken sandwich and 4 mozzarella sticks from Sonic.

Day 16 - Slept in until about 8:00 this morning because my fiancé stayed with me, and I didn't sleep very well (you shouldn't watch creepy episodes of Dollhouse right before you go to bed). Tried to work out since I knew I would have trouble doing it later. Started out on pushups and on the first one, my arms gave out...they weren't ready/awake yet. I should have warmed up first, but I didn't. Started over and did 9 pushups, 90 crunches, then 7 pushups before my arms gave out again. Going to get some food/energy in me and try again this afternoon. If I can at least finish the workout, I should be able to get back on track.

Update x1: Restarted workout in the afternoon. Did 2 sets of 9 pushups, then 90 crunches. Finished out with some more real pushups for as long as I could, then switching to my knees for the last few. All-in-all, not too bad, and I definitely feel a little sore today. Feels good, gotta keep this up :-)

Breakfast: Skipped

Lunch: Pastrami and cheese sandwich with mustard and a handful of Fritos (truly, I maybe had 15-20)

Dinner: Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some Fritos.

Day 17 - Stayed up late with the fiancé watching the last episode of Dollhouse, but managed to get up and going by 7:00, so that was nice.

Breakfast: About 20 pistachios.

Lunch: Chicken fried steak with carrots and non-mashed potatoes.

Dinner: Tuscan Chicken Pasta with salad and bread...and 3 small brownies :-)

Day 18 - Was supposed to work out today, but I had to rush off to work. I told myself that I would do it later, but we decided to go see a movie and didn't get in until 11:00. Did 8 pushups before heading to bed so that I wouldn't be completely useless. My plan is to go riding tomorrow and do my normal routine on Saturday so that the last week's workouts are on MWF; this will meet my goal.

Breakfast: Skipped yet again; will do better tomorrow.

Lunch: Coffee mug filled with Tuscan Chicken Pasta and a few pieces of bread.

Dinner: Half a bowl of Chicken Panang Curry from Bangcock Thai. Very yummy!

Day 19 - Woke up about 6:30 and stayed in bed until about 7:45 with my fiancé; still made it to work by 8:30. Did my regular workout instead of riding like I had planned, hopefully riding tomorrow. However, my normal workout almost killed me; and it took me resting to get through it. Too many breaks, but eventually I did 30 pushups and 300 crunches (total).

Breakfast: Bacon, egg and cheese burrito from Sonic with OJ and tater tots (and salsa).

Lunch: Sharky's Burrito Company burrito with beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese, rice and black beans.

Dinner: Three bowls of Olive Garden salad and 4 breadsticks (I know, I know, but they are wonderful).

Day 20 - Slept in until about 10:30. Was freezing outside (literally 32 degrees all day long) so I didn't go riding, but my fiancé and I walked around the mall for about 3 and a half hours putting things on our registries. My legs were tired afterwards and sore the next day, so I'm going to count that as my workout.

Breakfast: Skipped...was asleep.

Lunch: 1 large slice of stuffed pizza and a bowl of salad with ranch dressing.

Dinner: Leftover chicken curry with rice.

Snack: Split a bag of popcorn with my fiancé while watching Chuck.

Day 21 - Woke up about 7:45 to get ready for church, and actually got out of bed shortly after that.

Breakfast: Skipped, was running a bit late for church.

Lunch: Chips with cheesy spinach dip, two mini tacos (1 chicken, 1 ground beef) with beans and rice, half of a molten chocolate cake.

Dinner: 2 Salmon patties with green beans, carrots, mashed potatoes and cornbread.

Progress: Week 4

Day 22 - Woke up at 6:30 and hit snooze until about 7:30; totally my own fault, just didn't feel like getting up. I was afraid that I wasn't going to do my workout this morning, but I knew that if I didn't, I never would; so I got up and started warming up. Since I already met part of my goal of doing 300 crunches, I decided to try something a bit more difficult, and hopefully better on my back: reverse crunches. These are a little bit more tough, so I didn't really do a full workout, but I think it definitely meets my goal.

5 minute warm-up, then 3 sets of the following (threw in 50 Jumping Jacks after finishing my 3rd set of push ups):

10 Push Ups

10 Reverse Crunches

Breakfast: About 25 pistachios.

Lunch: Finished off the leftover Tuscan Chicken Pasta with a few pieces of garlic bread.

Dinner: Pasta with pan grilled chicken.

Snack: A handful of pecans.

Day 23 - Okay, so this day was pretty horrible food wise, but I did finally get a short bike ride in (maybe 2 miles)! Yay weather!

Breakfast: About 25 pistachios.

Lunch: Salad with eggs, bacon bits, cheese, brocoli and ranch dressing....and about 5 slices of pizza from Pizza Inn....and a few pieces of the stromboli cinnamon pizza.

Dinner: Beef enchilada with rice and lettuce, a bunch of chips and salsa (and way too much water, I had to pee).

Day 24 - Woke up at a reasonable time, but still not my 6:30 goal. Got dressed and looked nice for a meeting that got canceled, so I ran home around 1:30 for lunch and to work out. Worked from home the rest of the afternoon.

5 minute warmup then 3 sets of:

11 Push Ups (had to rest three times during the last set, but I finished them)

50 Crunches, 10ish Reverse Crunches (my ribs are still hurting and on the last set I actually felt something pop and it hurt)

Breakfast: Glass of OJ

Snack: Glass of OceanSpray juice/vegetable mix (100% juice, no added sugars)

Lunch: Pastrami sandwich with cheese and mustard, about 30 Fritos

Dinner: About 8 small slices of pizza and two small brownie blocks (was at church, there was no alternative)

Note: This past weekend was a bit busy, so I'm finally posting the last 4 days! This means things may be missing or slightly incorrect if I don't remember it perfectly, but I promise not to lie on the big stuff (like when and what I did to work out).

Day 25 - Waking up was about as expected (7:30ish), however, I made it to work by about 8:30 which is a bit earlier than I usually do when I've slept in.

Breakfast: Glass of OJ

Snack: Glass of Ocean Spray juice

Lunch: Pastrami and cheese sandwich with Fritos ??? (really not sure on this one, but my bank statement says I didn't go out to eat, so I must have eaten at home)

Dinner: Enchilada/burrito thing with rice, beans, lettuce and chips/salsa (my friend was trying to have her baby, so we were eating spicy food)

Day 26 - Today was Friday/Tieday, so I dressed up a bit. Did an afternoon workout and got some stuff done at home. Friend had her baby today at 5:37: Andrew Glenn King, 6lbs 9oz and healthy.

5 minute workout, then 3 sets of:

12 Push Ups (had to rest between reps on the last set)

Alternated between 10 Reverse Crunches, 100 Crunches, 10 Reverse Crunches

Breakfast: Glass of OJ

Snack: Glass of Ocean Spray juice

Lunch: Half an order of nachos from Sharky's Burrito Company; contained chips/queso (duh), ground beef, rice, black beans, lettuce, tomatos, onions, and black olives

Dinner: Half a grilled cheese sandwich and veggie chips; tomato soup and a few spoonfuls of potato soup (it was horrible tonight)

Day 27 - Slept in for a while, but wound up getting out of bed around 9:00. Did some "homework" (I'm out of school, it's for a competition), babysat my soon-to-be niece, setup my mom's new boyfriend's new iPhone (and e-mail address...he didn't have a freaking e-mail account!) and hung out with friends.

Breakfast/Lunch: 2 eggs, 2 pancakes, 2 slices of bacon, 2 pieces of toast and hash browns.

Dinner: Middle Eastern food: hummus/"bread" and rice with lamb. About 4 spoonfuls of Coldstone ice cream.

Day 28 - Woke up late (8:30ish) to try to get ready to leave for church at 9:00...left about 9:15 instead. Last day for working out!

5 minute warmup, then:

12 Push Ups

10 reverse crunches

6, 4, 2 Push Ups (commas represent a rest since my arms/abs gave out)

100 crunches

6, 2, 2, 1, 1 Push Ups

10 reverse crunches

Breakfast: None...too late to church

Lunch: Caesar salad, shrimp scampi, lobster tail, crab legs, and 5 biscuits from Red Lobster (I know, I know...the biscuits constituted my entire daily "allowed" caloric intake)

Dinner: Pot roast with carrots and potatoes, fruit (apples and grapes) and cheese with a whipped cream dipping sauce, some type of sugar bread with strawberries and whipped cream for desert

Progress Report

So, quick recap of my goals, and then a review of how I believe I did:


Do three sets of push-ups and crunches every day, at least three days a week, working up towards a total of 36 push-ups and 300 crunches per day.

Drink only water and juice, no sodas or other drinks.

Wake up at the same time every day (and get going) to get my body on a schedule instead of making it random.


Eat meals that are more healthy/fresh (i.e. less processed).

Try to eat berries for breakfast and berries/nuts for snacks throughout the day.

Do something physical every day for at least half an hour, preferably cardio.

As far as my "official" goals, I think I did pretty well with the first two, and horribly with the third one. I did in fact work out 3 times a week and only twice was it something other than the push-ups/crunches workout that I wanted to do and I can actually do 36 push-ups and 300 crunches, even if I have to rest on the push-ups. Also, aside from my engagement party, I did in fact drink only water and juice (I cheated once or twice with flavored water, but I figured it was close enough). So, the only one of my goals that I didn't meet at all was waking up every day at the same time. I blame myself mostly for this, but due to the fact that I stayed with my fiancé a lot, and she stayed with me one week (spring break), I realize that it was a lot tougher than it usually is. I'm going to keep trying at this one, but, I'm thinking I'll have a better opportunity to do so when we get married and move in together (she has to be out of the house by 7:30 to make it to school on time).

As far as my "semi"-goals go: I certainly ate better, but not all of the time. I did eat more berries/nuts; in fact, when it came to afternoon/late-night snacks, it was almost always nuts of some sort, so I feel pretty good about that. My last semi-goal of doing cardio every day didn't happen at all...I hopped on my bicycle two or three times, and walked around the mall or track at the university once or twice, but I didn't really strive to do this one, which is sad. I'd really like to start doing more cardio. Now that it is beginning to get warm though, I should be able to get back in to the game. I do need to run my bike by the shop to get the wheel fixed (it got bent when I fell off of it a couple of months ago).

Overall, I feel much better about myself. Firstly, I know that I can be disciplined enough to stick with something; this is the longest stretch that I have consistently worked out in a long time. Secondly, whilst I can't really see much of a difference in my body, I can see a little bit, and when I stepped on the scale the other night, it said 252 with all of my clothes on; so, I figure, if I get naked and lose my jeans, shoes and all the stuff in my pockets (phone, keys, etc), then I should weigh under 250lbs for the first time in years! I'll take the after picture later tonight to see if there really was a difference, but I doubt I'll be able to see anything unless I suck in my gut. Assuming they aren't nearly identical, I'll post them tonight.

Another great benefit of this month (and I don't know if this is from lack of sodas or what) is that I haven't had heartburn but twice the whole month! I used to have it at least 4 times a week, and it kept me up some nights. This was phenomenal, and I feel so much better in general. In fact, eating crappy food makes me feel really crappy, so I'm much more encouraged to eat healthy food and drink lots of water. I think this is going to be something that sticks with me for a while.

The first two are the before pictures, the last three are the after pictures.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Looking Forward

I have less than four months to get in shape for my honeymoon, which is my ultimate goal. I want to look awesome when we go out on the beach or when we're just staying in bed. I thought some things would be much harder than they have been this past month. For instance, I have never been able to truly give up sodas for this long. I've never been horribly addicted, but I usually couldn't make it a full week, let alone a month. I know one of the biggest factors of whether or not I succeed with the sodas is caffeine; if I can stay away from that, then I should be able to easily allow myself a Sprite once in a while without worrying to much. My plan is to modify my goal to allow one non-water/juice drink per week, but still stay off of caffeine (this lets me drink most of the things I used to anyway). However, I might still break that every once in a while since my favorite drink drink is Crown and Coke (or root beer, but most places don't serve caffeine-free root beer).

I am going to come up with a game plan so that my body will be where I want it in four months. This means, I will be creating 4 sets of goals and tracking how well I meet them every month; then modifying my goals as necessary to meet the ultimate goal of looking awesome for my honeymoon. I will also actually define what "looking awesome" means so that I have a concrete goal instead of something that can waiver. In addition, while I am going to try to gain muscle, I am going to concentrate more on losing weight as I have about 40-60lbs that I could easily shed. So, I'm going to go buy a scale today so that I can more easily track my weight and see how I'm doing. And lastly, I'm going to start tracking what I eat every day. This wasn't really one of my goals starting out this challenge, but it helped out greatly when I was about to sit down for a meal. I knew what I had eaten for the last couple of days, and it helped me regulate my diet.

I have a few more ideas, and I'll probably start a new thread later, but until then, thanks to all who participated in the challenge and thanks for keeping me accountable!

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Good call on throwing out the rest of the Sprite. I've got Diet Pepsi in the fridge (in can form), but there's still have a 2L of regular Pepsi and it was quite tempting to open that up last night :)

I resisted the urge, for now, but I think I'm just going to dump the rest of it here tonight.

It's nice to see a few other people who got here from AOM, which is how I found the site last week.

Good luck with everything

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Another great crunch variation is the Reverse Crunch: http://stronglifts.com/the-reverse-crun ... -pack-abs/

They really work, and more of the whole ab than a normal crunch, from the way I felt it.

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Uhg...those hurt. I tried 3 sets of about 10 this morning and now my stomach is sore. I'd be able to do more, but it really hurts my (possibly broken) rib when I try to do them. I'm gonna keep trying and possibly add this to my routine, but I think I might need to hold off until my side heals a little bit more.

Thanks for the suggestion though! I know what I'm doing when I need to get that six pack!

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Here is a move I learned in taebo.

have a stance with your legs spread apart, and squat on it. now take your arms and put them up like a boxer. now crunch your stomach in, and rotate from side to side while crunching and squating down. I hope this makes sense.Your legs and body should stay in place, the only thing moving is your waist and your arms technically.

This should hurt.

Also, stand and bring your knee up to your chest. and repeat with other leg.

A good variation is, stand and bring your knee up, stretch it out, and bring it back in and repeat. this works legs as well.

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Well done Topher,

Sounds like you got a busy morning ahead of you. Good luck at the doctor, hopefully he can get you all fixed up!


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So...I've been editing my original post so that I don't have to search through a bunch at the end to see how I did. However, I just now realized that editing a post doesn't bump your post back to the top of the topic list, so, this is a quick post to bump it back up, and let everyone know that I am actually keeping up with the journal, even if I'm failing on some of my goals sometimes.

Although, so far, I have completely kept up with two of my goals (only water/juice and workout every other day), so I'm pretty stoked. Oh, and today a colleague told me that he could tell that I was losing weight! It's a nice feeling, especially when I'm not really seeing it.

Anyway, I'm off to bed so I have a chance of getting up when I want to in the morning. Have a great night!

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End of the 28 day challenge! Read my original post for daily updates/progress and the view the progress report at the end!

Thanks to Steve for making this happen, and to each and every person who pushed me along the way, or told their story that helped inspire me to succeed!

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for some reason your photos arent showing up for me so I cant comment on whether or not you have had a change. sounds like you should have. You've done really well. If diet is 80% of it, then just giving up soda and drinking more water has got to be 70% along the way to a better, more healthy diet. Well done. I'll be tracking you in future challenges.

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