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My name is E. and I am a passionate dreamer.  I'm a graduating HighSchool senior, making it trough my last month of exams. One of my most profound dreams is to compete in Ironman World Championship at Kona, Hawaii. 

I know there is a long road to get there, but I hope I can document my travels here with this marvelous community. 


I was going to start this challenge when the six weeks started but then just forgot about it. 

Better late than never.


Here is my MiniChallenge:


The superhero/Avengers hype is at its max right now, and as an avid and proud comic book reader, I decided to paint my Main Quest with Marvel and D.C lore. 


My superhero's name is Detrix. He will obtain his powers if I manage to complete this Main Quest, and then will proceed to venture on the road against Ultron (Ultra Distance). 


Detrix has run 5ks, 10ks, and 21ks. 

He is a pretty avid runner. 

He also did some Crossfit back in the day, but he slacked off a little and went astray in the path of Wellness.

Now, a real challenge is posed before him. 


Defeating Ultron's right hand, Marathon Murdok, former SuperHero Daredevil (42k)


He is a powerless man right now. He will need to first vanquish Tony's 30k to prove himself.  He only has 20 days. 

To defeat Murdok he also need strength! A mixed strength training program will help him get there. 


Main Quest: 

Run 30k by May 25, in less than 3hrs 35 minutes. 

Log 10 gym strength training sessions. 


Side Quest: 

Read 1 book a week. Detrix has to grow intellectually too. 


Lez du diz





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