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I'm pretty excited to find this site, I think it's just what I need to give myself a kickstart!


Going through and trying to pick a race was pretty easy for me, other than human, I'm definitely a halfling. My husband and I own a small farm, so we definitely prefer simple comforts, good food, good books, and a nice quiet cozy home. 


Right now, my fitness routine consists of walking on the treadmill for 30 mins everyday on my lunch break and watching Netflix on my phone. That may not seem like much but I've kept that routine up for about a year, which is big for me as I'm a chronic quitter. I'm pretty damn proud of my consistantcy, but am ready to go farther. I printed out a few bodyweight strength training routines from dellabee.com and have started trying to incorporate those a few times a week. I'm not strong enough to finish all the sets right now, but I'm able to do a little more each time, so I'll take the progress.


Looking forward to getting to know more of the site and you all, and hopefully getting stronger/more fit in the process!

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Hey! Welcome to the Rebellion! I love your attitude about progress. to paraphrase Denzel Washington in The Equalizer " Progress not perfection".

Welcome again!!!

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Welcome welcome :D 


CONGRATS on the walking for year. That is a HUGE accomplishment, don't downplay it you built a sustainable long term habit. Think of all the miles you walked over the year you otherwise wouldn't have if you add it all up :)!


Check out the resources page on the main NF site- lots of body-weight circuits that don't need any extra equipment to start building strength!

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