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What do you guys drink?

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Depending on my current diet regimen, but the staples are easy. Black coffee, iced/hot tea, and lots of water. If I want an electrolyte drink, I add Nuun tablets. Very low cal, and plenty of electrolytes without the sugar/fake sugar of sports drinks.


If I have the occasional soda, it's usually Coke Zero (or some variety) or Diet Dr. Pepper as these don't taste much different than the genuine product.


Honestly, I see no reason to deviate from my staple drinks though.


Milk (whole) is the only thing I add if I'm not on a cut.

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Liquids can be a sneaky way to pile up calories without noticing. It took me a while before I realized that milk, fruit juices and other stuff generally considered "healthy" are full of calories just like a meal. Ever since, I stick with water and black coffee, maybe the occasional tea.

I know. Fruit juice has as many (sometimes more) calories as soda. I was so surprised when I found that out.

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I know. Fruit juice has as many (sometimes more) calories as soda. I was so surprised when I found that out.

Yeah, cup for cup, fruit juice has more, because  the co2 takes up some of the volume, in the soda.  Fruit juice is about the trickiest thing the food industry has done, playing on the general idea that "fruit is healthy" and knowing people will consume a lot of it, under that guise.

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I drink too much coffee (with unsweetened milk) and not enough water.  Lately I have been adding a little Kombucha to my sparkling water.  It makes a nice, lightly sweetened drink that resembles soda and has healthy probiotics in it.  Wish I could aquire a taste for plain water.  Sometimes I drink hot water with lemon as a way to curb my coffee craving.

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The things I try to drink on a daily basis are: 60 ounces of water, 1-2 cups of black tea (16 ounces total), 16 ounces of non-dairy milk (soy, rice, or almond), an apple cider drink (1/4 apple juice, 3/4 carbonated water, and about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar) and komboucha.  Sometimes I'll allow myself a ginger ale, but I prefer to make my own ginger ale when I have time.

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When it comes to drinks, it all depends on what you want to accomplish I would guess.


In the morning I have Bulletproof Coffee: 8oz coffee, 2tbl spoons of grass fed butter, 1tbl spoon coconut oil, and I add in about 10grams of protein powder. This IS NOT a Low Calorie drink, but it is my breakfast.  I usually drink it around 6:30/7am and I am not hungry again until 11:30am/12pm.


After that I have water for most of the day and occasionally  coke zero with dinner.


Through the last challenge I was pretty good about saving beer for the weekends.


I used to drink so much fruit juice until I realized how much sugar is in it...holy cow no wonder I used to feel jacked like an kid with ADHD in the morning.

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99.9% of what I drink is water (like 95%), almond milk (in protein shakes), and beer. In that order.

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I am currently on a Seltzer water kick. The Polar Seltzer water is cheap to buy (recently it was 2 for a buck which was fantastic), and they have started to come out with more and more flavors such as Blueberry Lemonade and Tropical Sangria.  Apart from that my number one treat is Vanilla Chai with almond milk. Hot teas as well.

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Mostly water, I try to give myself daily water goals, normally three bottles and a glass as well as whatever green tea I'm drinking.

99% of the tea I drink is green or fruit teas. When I do have normal tea I have half a sugar in it (down from two heaped ones!)

But I do let myself down at the weekends, but working in it. Used to be sugary liqueurs but now wine as I don't really long me the taste so I drink less.

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Water, Diet Coke/Diet Dr. Pepper (I honesty drink it for the flavor and for the burning feeling at the back of my throat), and Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade

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Black tea with milk, water, and wine.... honestly, that's pretty much all I ever drink, save a martini or two when I'm feeling fancy!  I've gotten to where I really can't stomach sweet drinks at all.  :/

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