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soooooo confused

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My whole life I believed Cardio for weight loss and I have managed to lose 32 kgs in the last 3 years, I still have 12kg's to lose and now I am confused that I don't know how to lose weight.


Banting has taken over our country and people drink butter in their coffee. Carb is an evil that is hiding in everthing!! so is sugar. Cutting out sugar no longer means cutting out sugar but cutting out everything with sugars which means not being able to eat anything. EVERYTHING has hidden sugar and carbs :(


I need help and just saw you can enrol in the academy, however in South African rand the course is half my food and petrol money for the month. so im in 2 minds....


but while deciding is cardio now wrong?


Will I die if I have oats?


HOW do I know what is the correct protein, carb, fat ratio and for gollywocks sake HOW do I work out carbs without reading every single label because carb is like air, it is everywhere!!!

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It doesn't have to be that complicated. The simplest answer to your question is this: if you've had success with what you've been doing, keep doing it!


Now a slightly more complicated answer: Diet is a bigger factor than exercise if your goal is weight loss. Control your food intake and maintain a calorie deficit to lose weight.

If you compare cardio to interval training or weight lifting, it's not optimal for weight loss, but the best exercise is the one you will stick to. So don't worry about that.


Now for food: don't worry too much about the carbs/protein/fiber thing. The main thing is to avoid processed foods (canned spaghetti, frozen meals, stuff like that) and use fresh foods to cook your own meals. That makes it easier to control just what is in your food.


You won't die if you have oats. :D The danger with things like oats, pasta and bread is that it's easy to over eat. If you count calories and are careful, there's no reason not to eat them.


I hope that helps. :)

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Diet for weightloss

Exercise for composition


Look at it like that and you can't go far wrong i don't think.


Dieting for weight going up and down is simple. Eat more than needed -> go up. Eat less than needed -> go down.

However, you probably meant fat-loss rather than weight loss. In that case what you want to do is eat less than needed and get sufficient protein (and preferably some strength training to maintain muscle). The others you can fill however you feel fit. If you allow yourself to have a diet you enjoy you will more likely stick to it, which at the end of the day is better than an amazing diet you stick to for a month.

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Its easy to get caught up in all the minutia.  Truth is that unless you have aspirations of being an elite-level athlete, you shouldn't be concerned with whether what you are doing is "perfect".  You only need be concerned with whether what you are doing is working - whether you are getting closer to, or farther away from, your goal.

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The "what" is simple: take in less calories than you expend. Doing an exercise will make your body better at that exercise and expend calories.

The "how" can be as complicated as you want it to be. I'd recommend reading all of the nerd fitness blog articles as they are easy to digest and from a source I respect. There's a whole world of knowledge out there, but you don't need to take it in all at once.


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To answer your question, not you don't have to cut out oats. Actually if you do , you will have trouble losing weight. Let me explain why:


Oats , whole grains, fruits, vegetables are all the kind of carbs that you are wanting to get in your diet. Its healthiest if you get 30-40% from whole grains and the other 60-70% from fruits and veggies. Carbs account for over half of your total bodies energy output. So if you are wanting to lose weight and get in shape, cutting these kind of foods out will only hurt your cause.


What you want to avoid is the simple carbs because they overload your system and they will be made into fat if you are not burning them off quickly. Examples of these are sugars, sweeteners, and enriched grains.


So try to cut out those simple carbohydrates and moderate the grain based complex carbs and you will see a steady drop in weight

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Basically TL;dr. Grains aren't necessary. You don't need them at all. The article below is published from a scientific website.


This article is from Mark Sisson from www.marksdailyapple.com


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I want to add to my post and say:

The human body is programmed to burn fat for energy. In fact it is a LOT more efficient at maintaining and using energy if it comes from fat. The only thing that needs any kind of actual carb to run is a couple different parts of the brain.


"I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was. I figured that if I said it enough, I would convince the world that I really was the greatest. "- Muhammad Ali

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