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high bar vs low bar on squats (aka which am I doing?)

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So Im hoping I havent been screwing myself over the last month or so with my squat form.....basically, I was doing low bar (Ill call it low bar position A) for the longest time and I was getting to the point where the bar would just scoot down/roll down my back. According to Rippetoe thats how you know the bar is too low because  its not sitting firmly on the "spine of the scapula" (god how he loves that term.) So I decided to do an experiment. I will line up the bar with the middle of my chest, bring the shoulders back (aka form the shelf that the bar should rest on), duck under the bar, and kind of rub the bar up and down my back till it feels like its sitting in a notch on my back/spine. Now I want to be clear that Im NOT resting it on the back of my neck- I know what that feels like and Im not stupid enough to jack up my spine doing that. It FEELS like its resting on my traps/rear delts, but Im not 100% sure. I know a form video is probably best, but what Im really looking for is, what does a proper low back position/high bar position FEEL like. Also Id like to note that in  low bar position A  the weight feels/would feel insanely heavy starting at 180lbs. In position B ( sitting in that "notch") the weight feels much lighter/more stable at least, if that means anything.

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I do high bars. I just ride the bar from my neck down until I'm sure the bar isn't resting on my neck anymore. I don't have huge solid traps so it gets squished and the bar basically ends up resting on top of my shoulders.

I consider anything lower than that to be low bar.

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Sounds like a hybrid squat which is on the top of the rear dealts but at the base of the traps. I used to do this which was fine but I changed to low bar now and it does feel weird but I deal with it.


This sounds to me like low bar...not sure how you get it much lower than that. 

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Now you mention that I only have no idea lol, back to the drawing board.


Based on my previous position, I checked with the likes of Candito and it did seem to by a hybrid as it wasn't at the top of the traps.


By looking at low bar vids, I see that they rest the bar slightly further down on the rear delts to where you flare you elbows back a bit (as apposed to keeping them down) to keep the bar racked.


The change has helped with my ankle pain (I think or maybeits because I have reduced back squatting) I have,  as for some reason the amount of dorsalflexion needed is less.

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