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Ready to get stronger and faster

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Hello NF veterans!


I have finally gotten the sheer willpower and enthusiasm mustered to take control of my fitness and start running! It's both neat because it's all new to me and there's a lot of cool new things to learn, and scary because my city has very steep hills. I'm joining the NF community to learn from the masters and to stay motivated through tough days. I want to augment my new-found running hobby with equipment-free strength training and yoga.


Looking forward to sharing my progress and hearing about others' experiences!


~ FF

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Progress bar{0.01}%
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OOOOH! I love that enthusiasm buddy! High five me *highfive*

Might I suggest you join the scouts? Uber awesome group of runners who're amazingly helpful! So, go check out their camp later!

iMessage brought to you by, "the brain". In association with my, "bulbous yet nimble fingers".

Class and Profession: Rangers/Druid
Background: 27 year old Nerdling. Idk what to write anymore so imagine that this is a cool intro



The extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are--Lara Croft.




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Hi, sounds like you have similar goals to me, although I was leaning more towards Rangers than scouts, as they are billed as 'strength and stamina'.  I am aiming to do some running with my other half, but like the idea of using bodyweight training (and free weights) to increase my fitness, not just cardio.

Just entered Adventurers for now - see how I feel at the end of the next 6 week challenge.

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