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Recommendations for Tai Chi Beginner Videos, Books, Apps

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Hi there!


Looking to start doing Tai Chi on my own and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for beginners in terms of videos, books or even apps.


So far on youtube I found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VNw8tM7MYE which seems to be a good starting point and they really explain how you move through the stances.



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I only watched a piece of it, but I'd say it is a decent one to start with. The only comment I would make is, you don't have to get a really wide or overly extended foot placement to make the movements work well. Let yourself feel what's feels good about it.

Best of luck.

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may i ask why you want to start on your own? I highly recommend starting with a teacher to get a good foundation and later train on your own using instructional videos. But any if training with a teacher is not an option, the first thing that comes to mind is be careful with your knees. You don't want to go to low in the beginning (dont bend your knees to much). Make sure, that your knees are straight above your knees.


Can you read german? As you have a german signature i'm guessing so. Here is a german article on tai chi and knee problems.




If your not able to read the article and/or anyone else is interested, i can try to explain this topic a bit more in english.

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