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Final Report Card

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OMW!! You guys have done soooo great (yes, even if you don't think so).  A solid start.


Good luck with your next challenge :D

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Final Report


Main Quest: I am focusing on making small, sustainable changes in my lifestyle by leveling up in the Nerd Fitness Academy (Check!)


I am currently Level 6 in the Nerd Fitness Academy. I have leveled up my nutrition and my mindset. I've also gotten started on my fitness quests. Overall everything is moving in the right direction. 


Coming up next: Building up to working out consistently every week. 

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End of the day, Con 2 Dex 1 Str 2 Sta 2 Wis 1, need to work on the mental challenges, but i did ok. 


Quest 2 I managed to miss 3 total, enough where i'm comfortable rounding up not down. because I really hate math. 


Quest 3 I missed 4 total, eventually I did upgrade to a more difficult workout routine. again, enough to give myself full because again hating math.


Quest 1 and Side/Life-quest, Total failure, I still haven't done any of that stuff. I really want too, but I'm having trouble managing time well enough, also i have no idea what anything in my insurance works like. 


Mini 1 for +1 Wis


My 5 will go as follows 


2, Dex 1 Str 1 Sta 1 Cha


Feel like I'll be joining the Assassins

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