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Welcome Rangers!


If you're a newbie to NF challenges, we ask that you sign up in the First Time challenge sub forum, in order to learn the ropes this challenge and the mini's and info is geared more to your level.


The Guild Leaders and Ambassadors are available to answer any questions you have, so please ask by either popping one of us a DM or by posting the question in the general chat thread. 


If you're a newbie to NF challenges, we recommend that you sign up in the First Time challenge sub forum, in order to learn the ropes this challenge and the mini's and info is geared more to your level.


To some it up:

  1. Sign up for the challenge on the sign up sheet
  2. Pick a mission. Your mission could be something that will take as long as you need (it doesn't have to only be one challenge focused). 
  3. Pick 2 - 3 SMART quests that will help you achieve the mission you've selected.  These are only 6 week specific and need to be a combo of fitness/diet goals.
  4. Choose a life quest if you'd like to do one.
  5. If this is your 4th+ challenge you may pick an additional side quest, but these should not detract from your main quests.
  6. Create a thread, with your name in the title, and post your goals in there. You can put a link to your challenge thread in your signature.
  7. You don't have to but it would be great to allocate attributes points to your goals, so that you're rewarded at the end of 6 weeks.
  8. Pop in at least 3 times a week and post on your thread.  We want to know how you're doing, for inspiration, to/for support and sometimes to offer /ask advice.
  9. Keep an eye out for the mini challenges posted each week and try to participate in at least one of them (there will be a mix of fitness/nutrition/life so don't feel like you can't participate)
  10. At the end of the challenge post a final summary in your post and the report in thread and level up.
  11. Finally, give any of your Guild Leaders a shout if you need anything, whether it's support, advice, a pep talk or to offer a suggestion.  We're here to help you succeed!             :)



If you're new to NF (or the challenges), welcome.  Here are a few more links that might assist you in making goals, choosing your race/class, allocating attributes to yourself and your goals (you don't have to do this, but we're nerds so it's a little fun). 



These are small groups of 6 or 7 Rebels who share the same goals, the same values or are just looking for a "band" who encourage one another. You can find out what the groups are about here and you can sign up for those groups here once you've decided on a group.  You should also be able to find a mentor on this sign up sheet. See also the list of Adventurer-relevant support groups for this challenge.




While the mods try to read every post, sometimes we miss something! Use this form to alert the guild leaders of an awesome post you saw! This could be someone doing something incredible,helping another rebel out, or just a super informative post someone made that you think needs highlighting!

This can also be used to nominate rebels to be highlighted in the Rebel Spotlight Newsletter or in the main blog!




Mini Challenges:

Mini challenges are great fun to participate in and the Guild Leaders try and center these around the majority of challenge goals in the thread.  They generally run from the Tuesday (roughly) until 23.59 on the Sunday and you can score extra attribute points. They're not compulsory but we encourage you to try at least one. 




Your Guild Leaders







Your Ambassadors






How to contact your guild leaders

Perhaps you're worried about inappropriate behavior on the forum, something breaching the NF Code of Honor, or an irritating spammer. As a reminder, "Mocking, harassing, or belittling another forum member or another forum member's form of training, diet, or lifestyle is not allowed. Suggestions, advice, tips are more than welcome - there's a difference."


If you see one of our posts, you can hover your mouse over a username, and then when the pop up box appears, select "Send Message". Or, click on our avatars (little pictures) to go to our profile page, then select "Send me a message". To search for a mod (or any other member, for that matter) by username, you can go to the search box at the top right of the screen, and click the little grey button (it probably says "Forums"), and change it to "Members". Then put in someone's username (or as much as you remember), and away you go!


If you have a technical fault/issue with the forums, please instead visit the Feedback/Help section, and see if your issue has been reported and/or addressed. If it hasn't, you might like to lodge a ticket.

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