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Things are actually looking better today. I may have just saved the future of the human race, at least as far as sub-atomic physics and space exploration are concerned. On a smaller scale, I might just get paid come next week if all the paperwork's done by then. It's been nearly two months now and it's no fun. Evening looks good, I'll be hitting the local rock club to see WWE Elimination Chamber with the Greek Wrestling Community and hopefully using the rest of the night to clean up my place a bit and/or try out some yoga at home


Is it weird that the challenge hasn't even started and I'm making a list of challenge themes for the future just to get them out of my head?


First paydays are always satisfying.  FIngers crossed that all the paperwork has been stamped & filed in triplicate in the appropriate places.

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Big Show: Human Swift Hunter

Respawning. One day at a time.

Battle Log: Operation Wedding Suit - Take 2

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Well, Elimination Chamber was a blast and I finally got to socialize with a few of the peeps there instead of just the guy I know from University. It was kind of the whole point, going there to watch the PPVs with some company and fool around, instead of watching them forever alone-style at home

PPV Results comments [spoiler ALERT]

Owens vs Cena was a great match to watch and despite the result, everyone's reactions were just epic. For sure the match that our crowd was mostly in to.

I never thought Ambrose would be booked to win his match and boy did we eat up all the swerves!

- Ref's out, now he'll pin Rollins but there'll be no ref around, he'll be denied a legit victory, we've seen it a million times OH WAIT, A SPARE REF IS COMING DOWN THE RAMP! 1 2 3 HE GOT IT!

- Authority comes around, Kane is ringside, the original ref is up, now they'll come up with an excuse to rob Ambrose of his victory OH WAIT, THEY ANNOUNCE HIM AS THE WINNER!

- Ambrose is officially the winner OH WAIT, HE WON BY DQ, ROLLINS IS STILL CHAMP!

- With the match over, Reigns makes his bound-to-happen appearance. Now what, Triple H will send security or come down the ring? OH WAIT, AMBROSE AND REIGNS CLEAR HOUSE AND MAKE A RUN FOR IT! THEY'RE GETTING AWAY WITH IT!

Oh boy...

I should also mention, not only did I walk to the screening and back home (2-2,5km distance, done twice) instead of getting a bus, but I had my dinner around 18:30 before going to the screening and even though I grabbed 2 mini sandwiches for the road, I skipped coffee AND beer during the screening. Bonus, nothing to eat or drink until the time I went to bed around 1 a.m. What was I doing until that time? Well, I was tempted to sit in front of the computer or tidy up my place, but F THAT! I cleared up some space for a reason(s) and have a Bye Weeks Challenge underway! So, I did my yoga workout for over an hour and a half, followed by 20 minutes of meditation through calm.com. I should say, it was a wonderful experience. For the first time ever, yoga just flowed, I was focused on my breathing alone, letting thoughts and emotions just slide. Almost a meditative experience before even getting to the meditation itself. It's amazing how that helped to deal with any pain, same way it's amazing how a slow and quite static thing like yoga can kick someone's butt so hard. Everything just clicked, allowing me to relax and hit the poses a lot better, including a kickass Crow pose. Went to bed happy in hindsight about my decision, enjoying the deepest, most resting sleep I've had in a long while


I have a feeling one of my future challenges is going to be themed after this guy


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Oh my stars and garters! I believe the leader of the Rebellion just offered me an improvement on my "quid pro quo" method!


*Goes over to ponder the applications*



I will only allow myself a delicious scrumptious Quest bar IF it is a lifting day.  Fact.



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Tell me, if you had the strength to take another step, could you do it?

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I have no idea why I had the blues yesterday. Work went fine and was pretty relaxed. What was holding me from going to the box? I recall I loved that stuff. Is it boredom from spending half the hour on the same old warmup? Did I feel bad for underperforming last time with my shoulder issues? I wasn't feeling tired, even though sleep hasn't been ideal in the last few days. Even watching Julie Foucher compete in the regionals with a cast on her leg wasn't doing the trick. Bezerker mode, neither.


Decided to roll with the punches and go home. It's been a mess too long and I don't want to spend my weekend cleaning it up, so I fired up my "Shot of adrenaline" metal playlist and got to it. Maybe it was a psychological thing, sorting out the environment I'm in so I can put stuff inside my head in order as well. Either way, I did both the usual small scale stuff, as well as greater one off projects: folded some of my mother's leftover clothes to free up half of my wardrobe and took stuff to the garbage, including my old desk chair and an old carpet. Keeping up with Steve's bundling idea, I did the ironing while watching an episode of World Wide Wrestling RPG on youtube, then just sat on the computer to watch the 2 latest NXT episodes.


Food was no better. I'd forgotten to take out dinner from the freezer and by the time I realized it, there was barely enough time to defrost it. Technically, I had a beef burger with carrot sorbet while crunching ice cubes disguised as kidney beans. As usual, it wasn't enough and despite having had plenty of calories for the day already, I went out to grab something. Utilizing my best judgement, I was able to skip pizza or sandwiches and pushed myself to go 100% protein. Ended up with 4 pork steak chops, promptly grilled and devoured with no side stuff. This morning I realized I hadn't defrosted anything for breakfast. Which means also nothing for lunch. I went out and grabbed 2 sandwiches in my hunger, making sure the one was with bacon and omelette. Decent shot. Should keep me full to avoid any worse options at work.




This 2 week break is killing me

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What is it with the funk sometimes, man? Not like, the cool musical funk, but you know, THE FUNK. I had a perfectly jammin' day this past week but it was like I had this ambivalent haze over my face... so so weird.

I've discovered my funk kickers are either 1. Meditation on a mantra or 2. Specific musical playlists I've tailored full of uplifting stuff. Since I was at work 1 wasn't an option so I defaulted to 2 and it helped enough to make me feel mostly better.

Maybe since challenge breaks are such a big hangup, is there a way to incorporate something small and daily into them to keep you excited and motivated? Like a Challenge Countdown with a different goal every day as you count down (like New Years) to the actual start date? It seems like you've identified a trouble area, now fixing it, that may be the tricky part..

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Tell me, if you had the strength to take another step, could you do it?

Level ?? Bard & Monk of the Furious Heart

STR.55  DEX.43 STA.48 CON.51 WIS.53 CHA.65


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Music is definately a thing. I am used to mostly having something on the background and realized I spend almost half of my day in a silent workplace. Musically wise, because there's plenty of noisy people. It hit me as I was driving back home, so I blasted some thrash and heavy rock from the hometown bands' CDs that I keep handy in the compartment. Kinda kept the funk at bay, which is why I continued blasting some real fast, agressive metal when I got back home to do the housework.



I'm really out of tune with this break business. The trip back home got me out of the usual batch cooking and training routine, plus I had an extra workload waiting for when I got back. Also, my box subscription expired just a day before my last training before leaving for the trip, something we realized this Tuesday when I returned. In essence, I did one free training, went away for a week and came back for another freebie. Wasn't intentional and the owner didn't even imply it, but you know how those things are. So in all this weirdness, I told him to sign me up for 3 more months and I'd pay him afterwards, since my wallet was in the locker room and we had to start the warmup. Meanwhile, another guy next to me asks about his expiry date and he gets into a joking discussion with the owner about how he's never hit expiry date, always renewing it a few days before


I know it's not meant towards me and the owner anyway replies something along the lines of "as if it's a big deal if you skip a few days". I know I'm a n00b in that place and not familiar with their card system used to check when your expiry date is near. I know it's no big deal, nothing's wrong, but still feel bad. And still want to punch that jerk. So once the training's over, since I went there for the final class, I come out to find the owner gone for the night. The reason I'm saying all this is because yesterday my wallet was kinda empty after paying for the engine oil change, some bills etc and I checked google maps but couldn't find an ATM en route from work to the box. Which meant I would go there with a renewed subscription but no money to pay. Made me feel like a jerk again and someone pushing the limits to fish for a freebie. I know it's not the case, the owner probably wouldn't even mind, but it all added to my feeling of not being excited to hit the box. So I didn't. There, it's out of my system.


Also, in the ever bubbling cauldron of ideas that is my head, I'm seriously loaded with a bunch of challenge theme ideas, to the extent that this Beast theme feels old BEFORE THE CHALLENGE HAS EVEN BEGUN %$&^$*#


*deep breath*


Doesn't help that I set up my Bye Weeks Challenge too loosely and too hastily. Hasn't kept me focused. I think I've started challenges earlier in the past, like calling the break week a week zero or week -1 with no effect on points, but 6 weeks is a loooong time anyway. I think I'll be stealing Daniel's breakdown idea for next challenge. Keeping the goals solid but changing the theme often during the challenge. Should help keep the excitement and get the ideas out of my head. I really need that Dumbledore magic pot where he dumps his thoughts


TL;DR: Break weeks suck and I've been in a weird funk




Kick it's butt, of course!


Speaking of Hogan, I finally edited the first post in my PvP with kzacher to put down the rules. It's on


I'll be using the weekend to recover. Already looking forward to batch cooking some extra protein-ey meals. Since I mentioned food, the talk over Trewest's thread made me give MyFitnessPal another chance. I'd dumped it in the past because it was focused around stuff sold in foreign markets, but this time it felt better. Until I got to the "add your own" part and it basically required calorie and micronutrient input. Nope. No numbers and counting madness.


(Go away Randy)


So while I was at it, I logged back into Fitocracy. Have I mentioned it's what somehow led me to discovering NF? Anyway, I'd dumped it because it was all lifting and bro stuff, not suited at all for logging Crossfit WODs. Or at least that's what I thought a year ago. Who cares if I'm missing Fitocracy XP? I have NF and my Battle Log here. I can connect with people who know what it's like and understand the effort put in it. It doesn't have to be perfectm just a site I log stuff into. If nothing else, to get the purple notification on PRs instead of having to browse my Battle Log posts.


Oh, and, uhm.... since I let stuff out in this venting post...

I owe a punch


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But dude, how will people know you lift if your not putting your numbers up everywhere? Lol.

Aa far as the box thing don't think too much into it. If it still bugs you tell the owner. While I doubt he even gave it a second thought that would definitely show him the kind of person you are. This is the new box right?

I may join the challenge this go around... but I'm still on the fence.

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I totally understand feeling completely jerk-ish in that situation.  Not because I think you were being a jerk, but I tend to feel similarly in times like that even though I know no one else really cares. Brains are so annoying like that sometimes.  It sounds like the owners a good guy, and I agree with cn3wton, if you feel really bad just talk to him about it.  But yeah, that is really frustrating sorry you had to tough that out... especially with the actual jerk guy talking about how great he is at not letting it get to his expiration date.  Bleh. BUT the new challenge is almost here to get you back on track!


Maybe since challenge breaks are such a big hangup, is there a way to incorporate something small and daily into them to keep you excited and motivated? Like a Challenge Countdown with a different goal every day as you count down (like New Years) to the actual start date? It seems like you've identified a trouble area, now fixing it, that may be the tricky part..


This is such a good idea that I might steal next challenge break. 

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Meh, I just went today, paid my dues and did the training. Pretty crowded and we'd run out of jump ropes, which was just the opportunity I've been looking for to buy one of those on sale at the reception. You know, the real deal with the spinning thingy on the handle, not the thick rubber thing I bought in my initial excitement so long ago. I'd set my eyes on it for a while and this was the perfect opportunity. I mean, they had it in blue! The exact same Beast tone as the rest of my outfit B)


Oh, and practice paid off FINALLY today. I was able to pull off a Double Under between my single rope jumps and keep going, instead of stopping after the DU. Back to form, progressing to where I was and maybe even further. I might be on to something...


Yeah so Saturdays they do this extended workout thingy that I've never attended because farmers' market and batch cooking. Since I only hit the box twice this week, I stopped by a supermarket on my way back. If I make it up early enough tomorrow, I could theoretically do my shopping and be able to go to the box, then do the batch cooking afterwards...


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That would be your multi tasking super powers activated, correct?

Kind of. There's a lot of other stuff going on as well, I'm just not reporting every little thing


Today is off to a good start. After discovering teefury.com




I ran into a Recruit's crazy awesome challenge thread, which got me into digging up Nekrogoblikon and watching their new video


This is going to be a good day, despite the weather (WTF June, rain? Seriously?)

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That monty python shirt is just plain awesome! I'm sorry to hear that you're having a tough time with this funk, but I'm glad that you've future themes, why not use them for your in between breaks, to help you stay focused in the meantime?

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  • Re-introduce Pull-ups into my routine
  • Build a shelving unit next to my Desk

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Meanwhile, another guy next to me asks about his expiry date and he gets into a joking discussion with the owner about how he's never hit expiry date, always renewing it a few days before

Don't give it a second thought mate, the owner won't give 2 shits, if you're 2 weeks late and been WOD'ing 4 days a week expect a conversation but a couple of WOD's with a week of holiday in the middle, don't sweat it at all. The other guy's probably just a nob, people make these sort of dickhead jokes all the time and I never get why they do it, half the time I think it's just cos they can't think of anything else to say. Anyway the owner made some money on the rope so don't feel too bad ;)


Glad you're back in action :encouragement:

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I had a long post written up this morning, but then my computer crashed as it tends to do a lot lately. Anyway, concerning Red's suggestion, if the next challenge forums are up as soon as this one's over, I might set up a challenge for the break using one theme, then switch themes and goals for my actual 6WC. It's a thought. Also, remind me to set more specific goals because this time the Bye Weeks Challenge was pretty meh for me. I need clearly drawn lines, a lesson I should have learned when I realized that allowing cheat days leads to a downfall.


I think what you have been trying to say is that you are FREAKING READY for Week 1!!!

Totally ready.


So I'd heard people talking about Saturday's workouts being tougher and longer than usual for a while now. My excuse has been spending Saturday mornings to get the groceries and batch cook, but since this week I only went twice to the box, I decided to check if I can do both. Woke up early for supplies and in keeping up with my still-under-tweaking-and-fine-tuning nutrition mix, I just got a bag of carrots for the mash, two slices of fresh salmon for lunch and even more meat than usual. Coming back home, I just stored the stuff and hit the box, leaving the batch cooking for later. To my pleasant surprise, a team workout was on (details here) and I must say I loved Man Makers with kettlebells. From what I was told, every Saturday is Team WOD day and I might just make that a habit. Team stuff is way more fun and interesting, not to mention the chance of building up some connections with box members. It's harder here in the capital where people come and go, as opposed to my hometown. Speaking of team building, the box is organizing a weekend excursion to Mt. Olympus on the start of July. I applied of course, but hope my little Dubai trip doesn't get in the way. Fun fact, same douchebag that made the subscription comments commented on my overlapping by saying "it's ok if you can't make it, as long as you've paid your share of the excursion". He totally deserves a punch, but I totally deserve to be better than that. Dude's pathetic (yay meditation?) Anyway, batch cooking happened and I also bought a dozen small tupperware boxes to store my meals. Figured since this is a habit, it's better than single-use disposable tin thingies in the long run. My meals have been beefed up (pun intended) with extra meat while cutting down the carb ratio. Had my fishy lunch and enjoyed the rest of the evening, with only a yoghurt/honey for dinner.


Today I woke up late after enjoying a good long sleep. While finishing putting clothes to the washing machine and hanging them out to dry, I got a call by my godfather who's in town. He was leaving tonight and invited me for lunch, so of course I walked the 2km to meet him and go to Friday's. Considering the other options around, mainly fastfood takeaway stuff, it was the best one. We shared a salad and I got a 9oz. NY steak with grilled cherry tomatoes and steamed broccoli on the side. Only foul was a glass of beer, but it's way better than I expected when you take into account that the man's a serious beer and whiskey fan. Walked back home and did the ironing while watching another episode of World Wide Wrestling RPG (thanks for the bundling idea, oh Rebel Leader) and now I'm chilling with a decent chance of going out for the night


Week 1? Bring it


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Week 1? Bring it


My thoughts exactly. Also, Best. Gif. Ever.

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