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Howdy Ya'll!


I'm going to preface this post in the flavor of AC/DC's Back in Black, however, if you feel that other tunage is more appropriate by the time you read this first initial post, feel free to comment. (There could very well be a soundtrack made..)


So, it's been a while since I have posted here, and one of the biggest things that has prevented me from doing so is A) life events B) accountability. So, I've been gone for pretty much the last 8 months. woo! So, with all of that said, I have finally had the ability to dedicate time to this wonderful community, but more importantly, I've had the desire and the will and the ability to dedicate my time, energy and resources to getting a better me!





During my last time here, I spent a good deal of time researching various things that I believe will help me to lose the weight that I want to. (Note: Goal is to lose 135 lbs in the next year and a half.) As a result of this research, I have developed a spreadsheet and charting mechanism that I think will do a couple of things for me:

  1. Motivate me. Seeing data is a big motivating influence in my life. If I see data that makes me look better, it'll keep me going.
  2. Make me Accountable. Cause, you know, ya'll can see it too, so I have no excuse for not doing things now. Oh, how I do love loathe technology some days...

So, all of that said, the link to said spreadsheet can be found here: http://1drv.ms/1J18Kgb


My gym plan is this: I'm going to go back on the StrongLifts 5x5 program, and I think I am going to start around 20-25 heavier than what the program calls for (still debating a bit on that). But the good news is that I have a group of friends that'll be going to the gym at the same time that I do, so I have real-life accountability-buddies. (And I am not going to attempt to shorten that, cause I'll kill it.)



Any questions? Ask! I'm an open book now :)






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Good morning everyone!


Today is day 2 of the new me! Woot! And, I've learned quickly that the struggle is real. 


Yesterday was the first day that I imposed a few different changes. First, I am limiting myself to about 2600 calories (or something like that) per day, so as to maintain a caloric deficit of atleast 600. However, if that number slips down to 1000, I'll be cool with that, I think. 


Additionally, I am also going cold turkey on soda and artificial sweeteners. That crap is bad for me, and it is in every single unhealthy thing that I love and used to crave. (I keep telling myself that I am now craving other things, like vegetables... and it's slowly winning over..) 


So all in all, looking at the stats for yesterday, it was a good day. Albeit, being that it is the first day of the new me, I had to adjust quite a bit. But that's not something that can't be done in good time. The hardest part of this, isn't going to be the diet change, or the going to the gym and working out. The hardest part of my change will be psychological in turning my thinking around from being a fat person to the person that I want to be.


However, as with all things, that'll take time. 



Today, I am going to do some sort of physical activity. No idea what'll be yet, but more on that later. 




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Much to my disdain, I did managed to get involved in a physical activity yesterday. Unfortunately, it was the one thing I don't like doing: running up and down my stairs repeatedly. Waking up this morning, my calves are still sore from that fact. 


However, looking at the data set that I have collected so far, things look to be going in a good direction, so that's good. 


Short update today, but sometimes that's best :D


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Well, here we are again. 


Unfortunately, I failed in posting yesterday, due to a need to fall asleep, an obsession with a TV show, and the desire to keep watching it. And that also caused me to miss doing body weight squats. 


Nevertheless, I have managed to keep the spreadsheet updated. And, I also did body weight squats today to make up for yesterdays' loss. 



The bad news in all of this is that this thread will go inactive potentially for a few days as I will be going on a trip to New York on Monday and will not be returning until Saturday evening. That said, I will post as I am able, and if I am unable to do so, I will keep tracking my statistics and vitals in the Excel spreadsheet. (Link in my signature.)




Hope everything is going well with everyone else, until next time!


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Chalk this one up to instantaneous results not expected or achieved. 


It is one thing to sit around and read/listen to material that talks about the way your body self-regulates in different things. And it is even more amazing to see it in action. Perfect example: my weight over the past week has fluctuated by about 4 lbs. which I think is pretty cool. 


However, as it is, things such as weight loss and body building take time. The sooner you can recognize the need to view things in a long term perspective, the better off you are. (However, short term perspective is also needed, as planning good healthy meals is better than the alternative.)




Update/Edit: Not being able to walk up and down stairs post-squats sucks but feels so good!


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