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Pasta for Lazy Monks


Monks who still eat pasta - I've been known to have the odd bowl of rice pasta - you have been working too hard for your meal.


The two effort-saving pasta tips I've picked up over the years:

  1. If you boil your pasta for a minute or two, turn it off and cover it, and walk away for twenty minutes, you will return to perfectly cooked pasta that does not stick to the pot (note: not personally tested with spaghetti).  Little energy expenditure for environmentally-sound pasta; and no stirring, twenty minutes of your time back.
  2. If you boil your pasta in a carefully measured amount of sauce ingredients, it will cook in the regulation ten minutes and absorb the proper amount of water, leaving your pasta perfectly sauced in one pot.  No extra dishes to put on the boil, tend, or wash.  (Works for homemade cheese sauce and pre-made tomato sauce.)

But here is the truly best thing for lazy, lazy monks: these two things work well together.  Stick your pasta in some carefully-measured sauce ingredients, boil for a minute or two, cover and walk away to do better things with your time for twenty minutes, and you come back to a perfectly-cooked pot of pasta in sauce.

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Ah!  I knew someone's discussion of chia puddings was what lured me into impulse-buying these at the store.  I just didn't remember it was right here. :)


That might be the killer app, if I've got all this protein powder to get down, and I'm largely giving up non-fruit desserts.  Especially if it can make my vanilla protein powder taste edible.

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I've been lazy with mine. But some sugar free Koolaid plus 1.5 tbsp of chia seeds makes a pretty tasty beverage. Also like the fact it's pretty much a $5 drink you'd buy that you can make for 50¢. Granted, it takes an hour or so to hydrate the chia. But tasty.

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Thrillho's Fried Everything

Now with pictures!





Get your largest pan going hot with a good dollop of oil and a sprinkling of sesame oil.

Sprinkle liberally with sesame seeds and dried crushed chilis.

Fry those up while you dice up a large onion (or two small onions),

and a whole bunch of green onions, and however much garlic you like.

I use a lot of garlic.

Toss all that onto the spicy sesame oil mixture, toss to coat and simmer for 15 minutes.





Add in the longer-term frozen veggies to start cooking them down:

in this care, frozen peas, a can of baby corns, a red pepper

and a good handful of diced artichoke hearts (in water, pref.)





Once all that is cooked up and sweated down (or vice versa),

add in a can of low-fat coconut milk and

one package of Glico curry (or whatever red, yellow

or green curry paste concentrate you have).

Stir and sauce!





Bamboo shoots, diced water chestnuts, and this

particular batch needed more garlic and basil.





Frozen veggie time! The bags were two for one today,

so there's about a pound and a half of peppers, corns

mushrooms, onions, beans, peas, broccoli, and

other whatnots.





Adding in the final items: diced carrots and bean sprouts.

Mix it all up, cook it down, and figure out what it needs.

This needed salt and a little more well-rounded curry spice,

so I added some butter chicken powder.



Spicy, delicious, and pretty darn healthy, actually!

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Bear with me. This sounds weird and not tasty. But I will not steer you wrong. Thought this up on the fly this morning. Requires a small amount of prep.


1.5 tablespoons chia seeds

1 frozen banana

1.5 cups water

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

1 serving of Tang powder/Mio/Some orange or tangerine flavor additive. (No, not Paleo/Primal/Whole30/Natural. Don't care, tastes good.)

Freeze the banana before making this. Also, mix the water and the Orange flavoring (or hey, Orange juice) and add in the chia seeds. Mix the chia and the watr and store in the fridge. The chia will hydrate and become thicker. Takes only about 10 minutes to see the effect, I waited a few hours. Besides, then it's cold.

Once things are chilled and/or hydrated, mix them in a blender with a scoop or two of protein powder. The Orange hides the artificial vanilla taste if you have crappy whey, the whey and banana make things creamy, and the chia seeds and banana also help thicken the smoothie. Definitely one of my better on the fly smoothie creations.

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That sounds good. Having gone on a cold banana kick, that sounds really good.


Yea, I was pleasantly surprised.  I wasn't sure how the orange-water would fair, but it was really good.


I've been on a flavored water kick lately.  Apparently I'm tired of coffee and tea flavored water and want something a bit sweeter these days.  Now to figure out how I react to it. (Thus far I think I can't drink them without food, because they seem to trigger hunger because of the sweetness.  But with food?  No problems.)

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I've got a super simple recipe for you guys. It's so simple that it might not even qualify as a recipe.


Pan-fried Parmesan Chicken

2 lbs of thinly sliced chicken

4 oz of lemon juice (Use at least that much, all hail lemon juice!)

2 tbsp. Coconut oil or EVOO

Assorted spices (I like black pepper and oregano)

A lot of parmesan cheese in fine powder form


Slap your oil in a pan, turn the stove up to medium-high heat. Then fill up your pan with as much chicken as it can hold. Drizzle lemon on to each piece of chicken. I like a lot of lemon so mine are usually thoroughly doused in lemon. Then sprinkle your spices on top if you have any, and finally add the parmesan. I'm not the biggest fan of cheese, but I like parmesan, so I put on just enough to have a light layer of cheese on one side. Wait three minutes then flip the chicken; wait another three and flip again. Slice one open and make sure its cooked, if so, you're set! For the best experience, let the cooked pieces sit in their own juices for at least 5 minutes. Allowing the chicken to soak up the leftover juices also seems to make them keep their flavor and tenderness after being refrigerated and microwaved.


I tend to eat my chicken with rice and broccoli, or some other combination of rice and veggies, and it tastes great! Enjoy!

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My first meal at a vegan Bbq place, here.

Mac no Cheese

Spicy bbq soy curls

Bbq tempeh ribs

Collard greens(something I've seriously missed, since going veg)

Hush puppies, with a seasoned butter-like sauce.




Not sure we have any other veg Monks, here, but even a non vegetarian, can appreciate these.

Not quite a monk yet (still on my first challenge), but I am plant powered. :encouragement: That looks so good. May I ask what restaurant you found this awesomeness at?

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Did the chia actually hydrate with the yogurt?


Currently now thinking about adding a bit of chia and blueberries to yogurt and then splashing a bit of almond milk in to hydrate the chia.


*food plots*


In the name of science and stuff:


fresh blueberries and a few tbsp of water to hydrate chia seeds, then add yogurt - most gelled but soupy and taste suffered

yogurt and chia seeds - some gelling but noticeably less.  Thinner yogurt an improvement.  Still nice and thick at the end.

Defrosted berries and let chia gel in berry juice, then added yogurt.  Fairly well gelled, still thinner but taste was an improvement.

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Y'all get on with your bad vegan selves... this morning I found the best way to use up the last of my molasses pulled pork from last week's cookathon.


41 grams of cheesy barbecued protein goodness... I'm naming it the Gene Autry Nomelette. Om nom nom.

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