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First and foremost: THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT. It can be useful, it may be fun, but by no means does not wanting to participate in this make you a terrible person. Just be aware that some people might not creep by your thread as much as others who do tag.

Here are some tags we're going to standardize this time around:

New2Monk - If you're brand new to the guild, and would like help, use this tag. But if you have questions, make sure you tag and ask the questions! Mentors can't help you without knowing where to begin!
Monk Mentor - If you're willing to help Newbie Monks and/or be an example to how challenges are run, throw this up onto your thread!

This is the part that gets a bit trickier. The idea behind the following tags is that you should ONLY USE ONE and it should reflect the MAJOR GOAL, your Main Mission, of your challenge. That being said, feel free to tag your thread with additional tags to help further give people and idea at a glance what your thread entails!

Monk Arts â€“ Major goal is finding or actively participating in a martial art. Ex: Finding a dojo, preparing for a grading, building attendance habits, applying martial philosophy to everyday life
Monk Endurance â€“ Maj or Goal is about increasing stamina. Ex: Sprints, Tabata, HIIT, Conditioning training
Monk Strength â€“ Major goal is about increasing strength, using weight training or body weight training.
Monk Agility â€“ Major goal is about increasing speed. Ex: Faster kata, flowing movement in throws, faster run times
Monk Mobility - Major goal is increasing flexibility. Ex. Better kicks, more hip mobility, foam rolling, Yoga.
Monk Focus â€“ Major goal is about concentration and organization. Ex: Meditation, house cleaning,
Monk Eating â€“ Major goal is about associated with food consumption. Ex: Weight loss, bulking, cooking

So, for example:

For example, if my major goal for the challenge revolved around my eating habits: My Major Tag would be "Monk Eating." However, I'm also weight training, attending several aikido classes a week, and reading a very particular book. So I had additional tags of "Strength", "aikido," and "4 Hour Body." Add in the fact that I'm willing to help you guys figure things out, and I also have "Monk Mentor" in there.

Now, if you use the search bar at the top of the forum and look for those terms, my thread should be filtered to be in the results. So, tag your thread as Monk Eating, search for it in the forum, and you can see your thread and everyone else who is looking for a the same (broad) goal.

Accidentally made your thread and didn't add in tags?  It's Okay!  You can edit your thread now to include them!  Don't know how to edit your challenge to add tags? It's easy! Follow these steps:

1) Go to your thread's FIRST post.
2) Click the "Edit Post" button in the lower right hand corner (it will be next to the "Multiquote" button)
3) Click on the "Use Full Editor" button to access the tagging panel
4) Underneath the Topic Title bar will be the Topic Tags bar.
5) Enter the tags desired, with a comma between each one. As soon as the space bar is hit after typing a comma, the tag will appear with the word in a grey box.
6) Hit the Submit Modified Post button and the post saves, new tags and all!

If you have a problem, you can always ask a GL to edit your post for you, but it will likely get done faster if you edit your post yourself.


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