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apfelstrudi and the path to deadliness - pt 1

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apfelstrudi and the path to deadliness - pt 1: Arya


I made it my goal to be deadly by the end of the year. As with every good progression, we start with baby steps - one skill at a time. I've moved to the rangers for this challenge because, while the world is still my playground, I'm focusing less on that and more on learning new skills and being all over the place! 


My spirit animal for this challenge is going to be Arya (can you guess the skill yet?). She's a tiny weakling that's proven to get more and more badass. I'll try and channel her throughout this challenge.




Mission 1:

Work out.


It doesn't matter what type of workout I do, but I want to work out every. single. day. This doesn't have to be a big, well-rounded workout. It can be something as simple as a 5 minute jog around the house or some relaxing yoga before bed. But I need to stop being a lazy bum. There are a few weekly goals to cross off my list of things I want to incorporate. They're split into easy, medium and hard to reach.


So instead of saying names of people I want to kill in my sleep, and on every other occasion, I'll be saying the following:












Squats (can be with or without weight):












Mission 2:

Work on a skill


This is where the theme comes into play. In order to get deadly, I need deadly skills. And while I'm great with an embroidery needle, I need the kind of needle Arya has. The deadlier one. 



My skill shall be sword fighting. Which, I guess, is enough reason to be excited. But get this! I was talking to this guy on OkCupid that I'd just met, we'd exchanged maybe 2 messages, and I asked him for zombie survival skill ideas and then explained stuff and used swordfighting as an example AND HE IS TAKING ME TO A SWORDFIGHTING WORKSHOP FOR A FIRST DATE.


How epic is that?!


Sword fighting is my skill now. Over the next couple days I'll be building a makeshift dummy and figuring out where I put my wooden sword and then it's on. ALL the yays! 




Mission 3:

Adventure it out


Adventure is my thing. I want to bring back my weekly adventure. I've had loads of fun time spent with friends lately, my social life is incredibly busy and I love it, but it's been more of a "let's hang out on the couch and watch movies/cook something/maybe hook up/go to the spa" type of deal and while I guess some of them can be fitnessy or adventurous, it's not the type of adventure I want. I want to bring back my weekly adventure. Doesn't have to be sunday funday, but there needs to be adventure!


Arya's been through lots of adventures. Most of them involuntary, granted, but whatever. She's always found a way to make it work for her, and look at her current adventure! 




Mission 4:

Even it out


Because my social life is so busy, I've been slacking on my workout. I've also not taken proper care of myself. I'm not getting nearly enough sleep and I never really have any time to myself, because there's always people to visit and things to do and I love being around people. So I'll make it my mission to have one evening that I don't hang out with people.

This sounds so easy but is so hard for me. Because it's hard to evenly distribute my time between my friends, and I just really like dropping in on people after work, or going out for dinner or drinks instead of just going home. But I've been spreading myself too thin, and I know I need the time to myself.


Me time is something that Arya could probably use as well. Maybe she'll get some this season, who knows! I'll definitely be working on it for her.

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Just trying to get back on my feet. :)

apfelstrudi learns to outrun shamblers | Instagram challenge

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Deadliness is next to cleanliness. Which is next to godliness, right? Makes you wonder whoever sorted the whole thing...


Might have to steal off that Weekly Adventure thing, sounds awefully close to what I've been wanting to introduce to my life.


Oh, and welcome to the Rangers!

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just popping in to say that. HI.

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