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ROLL CALL for Week 3!


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Doing well with my weight and back exercises. I kinda stopped with the pushup gains because my triceps are getting too big and i need to work on my biceps to even them out.

As for my weight, I weighed in at 220lbs Saturday morning. That means I have to lose .0000000000000000000000000000000000001 lbs to meet my goal! This is also my 40lb milestone since I started working on my body 117 days ago! 20lbs left and I can buy some pants that fit.

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Dropped about 1kg this week (to 93.6kg), so its going good on the weight side. Unfortunately it doesn't look like I'll make my goal(90kg) but will keep trying to the end.

Exercise is going great. Just still need to get another 3 squats in my third set and then I can actually do 3 full circuits of the Beginner Bodyweight Circuit. Feeling awesome :D

No real changes food wise compared to last week, but I have been keeping to my new breakfast and snack plan so that good.

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Doing great on the eating part. Very primal and my garden is starting to produce, so I will have access to a lot of fresh veggies in the next several months. I did something exercise related before work each day this week (exception of Saturday which is my scheduled rest day). I put together heavy clubs, and had a great workout with them Sunday. Still feeling out what I can do with the added weight, and have to put together some sort of program, but I think they are going to be fun.

I was doing really well on not smoking, but backslid on the weekend. I need to work on this one.

Weighed in yesterday at 242. Almost into the 230s (down from 295 on Jan 3)!

Overall, probably a B.

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generally sucking on this challenge.

Didnt go to gym at all last week

had to give up the 100 pushup challenge due to my rotator cuff injury. Was going to start 200 squat challenge but havent got off my ass to do that.

Did manage 2 alcohol free nights (thank heavens I got something right)

Ate mostly pretty good, but had a real fall off the wagon night mid week and indulged in bread twice in the weekend!

ten days to my holiday so I better haul ass and do some exercise me thinks!

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My last report was great, this past week... not so much. As of this morning, I was at 164.8 pounds, which is 2.8 down from my starting weight (hurray!), but probably not a sign I'll be at my target of five pounds loss by next Monday. It's okay though--four pounds down would still be fantastic.

I wasn't especially active last week, and I pigged out when my husband brought home some ice cream sandwiches, but I was motivated to get out for a really great run yesterday morning, and my meals have been healthier for the past few days, so I'm feeling on track.

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Great. I've been getting the results I want. The biggest thing so far, is that it's working! Week 3 was more of a challenge than the first and second combined, and the biggest challenge was eating on a schedule, but I've got a good thing going and I have every intention of making it permanent.

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Well, it looks like my biggest challenge is getting online to post in the Roll Call threads, lately! :lol:

Progress report - well, I'm not doing well on the exercise front again. When I do them, I do just fine, mind you. my last 28-minute run was over 2.4 miles, which comes out to... carry the 2... 5.14 mph, or about a tenth of a MPH faster than I'd been doing for the 25-minute runs, where I'd been managing about 2.1 miles. Endurance appears adequate to the task, though my legs were more sore for longer than had been the case a few weeks ago - but I'm running further and faster, and have still been running less consistently of late, which IMO explains things pretty much completely. I have high hopes that once vacation starts and I start getting more sleep (been averaging around 5 hours a night this week, and I really need 8+ - been WAY too busy!), I'll be able to resume better performance and compliance. Similar results on the resistance-training front, largely - I *AM* still getting neck/shoulder trigger points, and the attendant headaches, apparently due to pushups (even though I am doing fewer at a higher incline), but I'm taking more time to go after and massage them out, which appears to be what I'll have to do in order to do exercises working the same muscles as pushups from here on out. Annoying, but my other option appears to be not doing the exercises, which doesn't strike me as workable if I want to get myself into better shape, even slowly, so I've taken to carrying around my pegball with me everywhere (massaging trigger points, especially in the sternocleidomastoids, can be hard on the fingers - tiring, that is).

Weight wise, I'm quite pleased to report that despite my unremarkable exercise pattern this week, I've managed to take back off all the weight I'd gained as of my re-entry into the Challenge after slipping - plus just a hair more. I weighed in at 269.0 pounds, a drop of (IIRC) 3.5 or so pounds from my restart weight, and just below my end-weight for the last Challenge round. Eating better seems to be making a LOT more of a difference for me than I'd seen in the past, a few years or more back that is. So, I've already made the goal that's the MOST important to me, at least at the moment. Which is good, because actually looking at my post from the beginning of this challenge, I won't make the others (not even the last one, about posting progress reports, because I've put them in the Roll Call threads instead of in my Challenge thread! :oops: ). Still, I'm VERY pleased that I took the weight back off, and I taped my abdomen at 49.5" yesterday, which was a drop of nearly an inch from the end of the last Challenge, and IIRC more than 2 down from where I started with the April Challenge. I think I'm breaking out the next-size-down pants for work (ended up with 2 different sizes a little while back, and never sent one or the other size back to Cintas for exchange), and my older, size-42W belt for work tomorrow, last work day before vacation. Yay me! :D

I likely will not be posting further until after my return from L.A. a week from Friday, so have fun and work hard, everyone - I won't be giving up my own efforts during vacation, as I've found that our hotel has a treadmill and a small weight room, so I don't have to go running around an unfamiliar city to get my exercise in. See you in a week and a half or so!

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Eh, nothing's really changed. I'm making improvements in my push-ups, and 2 chin-ups are getting easy, but I really need focus. I've been doing close grip chin-ups to work the biceps more.

As far as weight, I can do more in the way of calisthenics, but my weight has practically stayed the same. I'm mostly focusing on conditioning like Burpees, 8-count bodybuilders, and dive bomber push-ups to get to doing hikes with a pack. So.... yeah, I'm making progress, but maybe I was a little enthusiastic with my first 28 day challenge. I'm gonna keep pushing 'till the end though.

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1) Eliminate Grains A- This week has gone much better than the previous two weeks. I've almost completely eliminated easily digestible carbs (had a minor slip yesterday but that's behind me)

2) Run twice weekly B+ I've been getting in at least 1km most days as part of my warm up circuits. It's just been so fricken cold to make me get out on the street and sprint so I've been sticking to weight training. That being said, I did sprint yesterday and enjoyed it so much I'll probably be incorporating it more into my workouts.

3) Sleep More B- Need to simply switch everything off and get into bed earlier. I don't really have any excuse as to why I'm staying awake so late at night.

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Diet has been a solid A, though it's getting monotonous. Though I did invent a dish I'm calling "Salsa Chicken"...

Exercise is a C, but due to work... Do I get a pass for that? The days arranged that i did my strength workout all week, but only did my 5k last Sat, and yesterday...

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