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Fendev's Journey into Peace


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Main Quest:  Get to 170lbs by wedding. I'm getting married in November of 2016, and I've been gaining weight as of late. Since I graduated college, I've gotten to my biggest ever, 250, and I'm not happy about it. I want to be healthy enough to live a long life.


Quest 1: Walk for 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Walking can help me clear my mind. Right now I only walk at work. I need to walk outside of work and experience the earth.

Measurement: A = 10 min for 30 days, B = 10min, 25 days, C = 10min, 20 days

Reward: A = +3 STA, B = +2 STA, C = +1 STA


Quest 2: Eat three square meals a day for 30 days, waking up in time for breakfast, eating dinner before dark. Right now I eat sporadically throughout the day, and usually I eat a lot. I need to change that habit.

Measurement: A = 30 days, B = 20 days, C = 10 days

Reward: A = +3 CON, B = +2CON, C = +1 CON


Quest 3: Meditate for five minutes a day for 30 days. I used to meditate in high school, and I loved it. I feel like when I stopped I lost my connection to my mind. I want to get that back.

Measurement: A = 30 days; B = 20 days, C = 10 days

Reward: A = +3 WIS, +2 CON, B = +2WIS, +1 CON, C = +1WIS


Life Quest: Write for at least an hour a day, because getting creative energy will help calm mind. It will also allow me to work on my scripts.

Measurement: A = 90 days, B = 60 days, C = 30 days

Reward: A = +2 CHA, B = +1CHA, C = +0.5 CHA


Motivation:  I want to be healthy for the wedding, and I also want to be able to channel creative energy. Also, being healthy might motivate parents to do the same.

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congrats on your engagement. 


You might notice that someone has added a tag to your post.  This is not to box you into a corner but rather because your goals or lifestyle have links to the guild you've been tagged and we'd like to bring you to the attention of one of their guild ambassadors. These ambassadors will be able to offer you advice, encouragement and support on your goals.  You don't even have to wait around for them to come introduce themselves to you, you are more than welcome to pop into the Adventurers' board and introduce yourself to the guildies there. I am also around to answer any questions that you might have so do not hesitate to PM me.


Good Luck with your challenge

AB xx

Half Faerie (Sidhe) Scout | Black Belt Kitchen Ninja
"A positive attitude will not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort" - Herm Albright
You're welcome to skype me (audriwolf) too but let me know who you are

My challenge


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