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Limited partners in my boxing gym

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Hi y'all.

I'm returning, intermediate boxer / Thai boxer and I've found a really handy gym right next to my office.

The trainers and the timetable are really great and fits into my work and commute.

The only trouble is, there is a lack of other intermediate women. Don't get me wrong, I like partnering up with someone I can give a few pointers to every know and again. But I've just realised, in the past 8 or so sessions, I haven't really got a sweat on improved my skills. Generally the other girls are still learning pads/footwork and don't train all that intensely.

In a class of 8 to 10, there will be a bunch of guys and one or two other girls. There are a couple of guys who are pretty experienced and don't mind training with me. (I'm a tall, big female, so there's not a huge mismatch). A fair few of the guys really freak out at training with a girl. All the girls are really nice, and gravitate towards other girls when pairing up for pads or drills.

I'm going to talk to a trainer this week and ask for some advice. Maybe they can help with pairings or just mixing the classes up a bit. But I guess I just wanted to have a bit of a whinge and see if any one out there can sympathise.

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if it helps we have it here otherwise. i used to do mma and all the guys in the training sessions were professionals. there was also european champion of submission wrestling and one wrestler who is around olympic level. i had my ass handed to me daily for four years. after that i moved back into krav maga/defendo and all of a sudden all the training sessions go in slow mo. i don't really need to block much punches as those guys lack the dropping power and they are so fucking slow that it is sometimes even frustrating. i asked if they'd like to raise a level of their training and they are very positive about it. progress is slow but it happens. maybe those girls would learn to spar and take harder if they put some focus to it. but if they are a small bunch who spar only together, they might miss the fact that they aren't exactly progressing? this is just a guess as i have no clue about how your gym works out there.

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