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WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was thinking of you this weekend, like, I wonder how Alaska is??  Will Raxie be back in time for the next challenge??  Has she met with eskimos and changed her ways to live in an igloo now??? :D

Tell me, if you had the strength to take another step, could you do it?

Level ?? Bard & Monk of the Furious Heart

STR.55  DEX.43 STA.48 CON.51 WIS.53 CHA.65


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WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was thinking of you this weekend, like, I wonder how Alaska is??  Will Raxie be back in time for the next challenge??  Has she met with eskimos and changed her ways to live in an igloo now??? :D


Thankssss! I'm a little behind because of all the unpacking and catching up at work.  But I'll get up a challenge today!


But seriously the boyfriend and I had a hard time coming back it was SO AMAZING.  So you weren't far off :) hahah

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Week 5.  This was the pre-vacation week where things went nuts and I had altered goals. I gave myself half credit for healthy dinners that were not cooked at home, and got 100% of the half credit.  I stayed strong with the alcohol, and killed my water goal. Tried some fruit for snacks.  Wasn't too impressed as it didn't fill me up as much as I wished. I had trouble getting salad once we left saturday which I forgot to take into account, but oh well.  Got that goal every day besides the weekend.


Home cooking: 3/6
Salad: 5/7
Alcohol: 6/6
Snacks: 1/1
Water:  7/7

Grade: B


Week 6.  Had super altered rules for my vacation.  Took away the snack goal, kept the "keep it healthy" for my food goal, and altered my alcohol goal for only drinking new to me local Alaska beer.  AND HOLY COW I HAD NO IDEA ALASKA HAD LIKE 80 BREWERIES.  So I ended up drinking more than I had anticipated, and after not drinking for 5 weeks that made things quite interesting.  But no regrets.  Also, hit the water goal HARD because we were hiking every day so I probably doubled some days.  I'm going to write more about my trip over on my new thread... Anyway, healthy eating was actually quite easy because the camping tour we went on the tour guide cooked for us at our camp sites every night and made AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS and healthy food.  I was shocked.  We did do pizza one night at a local brewery, but other than that we were pretty set up!


Healthy Eating: 6/6

Non-Local Alcohol Free Days: 7/7

Water: 7/7

Grade: A+




So, lots of good things this challenge.  I started off super strong in the beginning, then life happened in the middle, then vacation happened.  So while it wasn't 6 full weeks of being totally comitted to food, I think I figured out the single point failure of eating healthy for me: go grocery shopping on Sundays. Yep.  It's as simple as that.  On weeks where I went grocery shopping on Sundays I basically ate healthy 100% of the week.  When I waited until Monday or went later in the week, I was less likely to batch cook, more likely to try to cook stupid things that took forever and weren't tasty, and more likely to eat out later in the week because of my poor planning during an after work quickie shopping expedition.  Once I bought the food I didn't have to try hard at all to actually prepare and eat it.  Clearly, this needs to be a goal this new challenge.  And hopefully everything I worked for in this challenge will just fall out of that simply and easily (here's hoping).


Oh, another great thing that happened during this challenge but wasn't a goal is I started very seriously lifting weights at a gym, with an oly bar.  Not just at home with dumbbells and have made some super awesome newbie gains that I'm super pumped about!!


Challenge Totals:

Home cooking/Eating: 30/36

Salad: 28/34

Alcohol: 34/34

Snacks: 5/5
Water: 42/42


Overall Grade: A-


Hooray for boring!



(still trying to think of a theme for the new challenge and I definitely just found it)

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NICE FINISH! Can't wait to read more about the trip!

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Raptron, alot assassin

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