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What are some assistant exercises for Lower-Cross Syndrome?

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So, I've got a big butt. And because of my poor posture over several years from sitting on the side of my bed or leaned over a desk playing video games, I've got something called a "Lower-Cross Syndrome" that makes my butt look even bigger than it already does, and makes it a bit more difficult to get proper form when doing things like squats.


What are some exercises that people recommend for solving this issue?

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Hm!...I'm not too sure, now. All I know, is that it makes my butt stick out, and it's the result of me spending several years playing games while leaning over to a computer desk. I was kind of hoping someone with medical experience would know.


After doing some quick searching, it really sounds like Lower Cross Syndrome, but I will continue to do research on it.

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This article sounds like the closes thing to what I'm talking about, and I'm gonna follow it's instructions.




My plan is:


On off days:


1x15 sec. Warrior Lunges


1x10 Shoulder Dislocators


1x10 Bodyweight Squats


On work days:


3x10 Band-aided pull-ups or arm hangs


3x15 sec. Warrior Lunges


3x10 Shoulder Dislocators


Workout A or B of SS

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The Trouble with Tilt from T Nation


Anterior Pelvic Tilt by Eric Cressey


What worked for me - glute bridges, hip hinge exercises (KB swings, deadlifts), stretching the hip flexors and especially the psoas, using a standing desk.  When I stand I'll sometimes put my hands on the sides of my hips and tilt my hips back and try to stand that way.

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“We might as well start where we are, use what we have and do what we can." – Caitlin Rivers

Sloth: The Man with the Hammer battle log

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I'm going through this exact same thing. I was on stronglifts, it was doing wonders for my body. My research on APT suggests that the large amount of squats do not help APT. Still planning out exactly what I am going to do, I thought about swapping deadlifts and squats, so 5x5 deadlifts at the start of each workout, and 1x5 FRONT squats at the end of every second workout. However, further research suggests that this amount of deadlifts isn't good for you either!


While I love stronglifts, I have come to the conclusion that I need to find and stick to a dedicated workout for APT for a month or two. Currently, the one I am looking at is part of the Neanderthal No More series on T nation (parts 4 and 5). Now that I am aware of this problem, I notice how I am doing practically everything wrong! When you lift (or walk or sleep or anything) with correct pelvic alignment, you really notice the difference, and gain a lot of power and confidence.


For me, I suspect the biggest problem is tight quads (squats do this, as does sitting). When I stretch or foam roller them, OUCH! Lower back seems ok, my abs have strength (but are not used to pulling up the pelvis). Glutes not firing properly is an issue though. When you realise you are not utilising them properly, if at all, then start using them, half the problem seems solved. Try glute bridges when you wake up in the morning to get them going through the day. EVERY step you take should finish with you clenching your bum (while pulling your pelvis up with your abs).


I've been thinking a lot on this for the last couple of weeks, and focusing on it during, well, everything. At first you need to remind yourself every two minutes. If you put the effort in though, it won't be long until you notice that you remember it a lot more often, and each time you remember you hold it for longer. I figure that you will remind yourself more and more, holding it for longer each time, until you might only need to do it a couple of times a day, then maybe just once in the morning... And then you hold it all day long without thinking too much about it!


It staggers me the amount of people who I now look at and realise they are in APT to some degree. It staggers me more the denial and resistance they put up to the idea of accepting they have it, and working on it to fix it!!

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Well, I never did find a good stretching routine for after I lift weights with Starting Strength, and I totally forgot about glute bridges.


I can't honestly say that I'm going to walk around everywhere clenching my butt cheeks, but I will do glute bridges and "fire my glutes" while sitting down more often.


Update: It feels weird and oddly challenging clenching my butt up out of my seat, but I'm gonna keep at it. Especially since I sit a lot, right now. I notice that when I do, my stomach comes in a bit, and all of my lower back touches the back of my chair. Is that the correct way of doing it?

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