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Maegs' Road Warrior Challenge


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Last week was pretty awesome - my feat for that week was to work on self-compassion instead of being negative, and both being on vacation and getting a job really gave me a boost for that. This week I've still been behind on the tidying/organizing I should be doing, but I have finished up one MOOC I'm doing and I'm ahead on the other. I also did a bunch of work on a volunteer project today. My sleep isn't the greatest, and I'm probably only going to get in 1 long run this week, but other than that things are looking good. I really should be getting more done this week since I'm starting work next week, but it's hard when moving away from the fan means sweating profusely!

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No nap, but managed to get some things done that I've been putting off + some volunteer stuff finished up. Off to rugby now, it takes an hour to get there. I don't think I'm going to get anything else done today because it's going to be pretty late by the time I get home and I'll probably just eat/shower/bed so I can get up super early tomorrow and get all the shit done I need to before I head up north tomorrow afternoon.

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I'm so excited! My first day is tomorrow :D


I had a great, albeit completely unproductive weekend up north (again), and the next few weeks are going to be super busy - I've got work now, and rugby, and I signed up for sailing school, and I have a couple trips to the Stratford Festival, which is about a 1-2 hour trip (once I'm leaving from Toronto and once from home, which is closer), to see some plays planned, and then I have to figure out how to fit in exercise and tidying and my MOOCs (down to 2 now, and one has no deadlines, which helps immensely, and I'm ahead in the other one) and everything else! Hopefully I can make everything work!

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Good luck on your first day!

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So far so good with work and sailing school! I still don't have a computer at work, but we've been culling files so I've had something to do. I was able to use a little workstation to get on my email and do some training, and tomorrow and Friday I have some more training sessions to go to, so it's worked out so far. Sailing's also going well - there's four of us in the class and we've all had experience sailing before, so we can do a bit more than we could if there were people who'd never sailed before. It's really relaxing being able to get out on the water - and it's nice to get away from the heat as well! On Friday there's a theory class, so no more sailing until Monday. Tomorrow's going to be a long day - gym in the morning, work, then rugby practice. So far the week's been busy-but-manageable, so I'll have to see what adding morning gym session to the mix does. Speaking of which - I found out my new workplace has a deal with gym chain I go to, so I can get a cheaper membership!

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Phew, it's been a busy two weeks. From Monday-Thursday I'm out of the house from 8:30am until 10 or 10:30pm, except for the two days I go to the gym, where it's from 6:50am until 10 or 10:30. It's entirely self-inflicted though. I decided that the same week I started working full-time would also be a good week to start sailing school, which is 3 hours on Mondays and Wednesdays, and of course I have rugby on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I've really just been trying to keep up with the basics - making food in the slow cooker and freezing it to take with me instead of buying fast food, trying to get a half-decent amount of sleep, and doing the bare minimum to keep the kitchen (but nothing else) clean and tidy. I've been going to the gym to lift, but I haven't been running at all in the last two week outside of rugby practices/games. I have one more week of this, then a long weekend to relax and catch up on sleep. 

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Love the theme. I may do a Mad Max themed challenge at some point on my journey. Mad Max Fury Road is my favorite movie of the year so far.


Seems like you did a good job on your goals, even if you didn't get to run the last two weeks, at least you were able to find time to lift weight. More importantly, grats on the new job! You are definitely leveling up your life.


I've always had a terrible relationship with sleep, especially when I was a kid. Also since my senior year of high school, I've gone through bouts of insomnia / near nocturnalism. I wish I could share with you some advice on how to get some sleep, but I'm still searching myself.

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Maegs' Road Warrior Challenge: The Wrap Up

To be honest, I'm not too happy with this challenge. I had lots of lazy days full of excuses at the beginning, and then got too busy at the end to do anything. I think I'm going to repeat the same goals, since it's definitely stuff I need to improve on. I really need to make a plan/schedule for getting everything done, including things that aren't part of this challenge, like a weekly meal-prep, and then actually stick to it. 


Goal One: Now Pick Up What You Can And Run


Gotta do more cardio! I need to work on both endurance and speed. I'm going to do at least 2 sprint workouts per week and at least 2 longer runs (30+ minutes). Using Zombies, Run! and good tunes is key for those longer runs to keep me from getting too bored.

  • 2 sprint workouts per week DEX +2 6/12 F No points
  • 2 long runs per week STA +2 3/12 F No points

Goal Two: It's Ok. Sleep. Get Some Rest


I continue to struggle with sleep - it's the problem of being a night owl in a world that's not set up for me at all. I've joined a gym that's just around the corner from me, and I'm going to be going early in the morning so that'll get me out of bed. I still need to work on the other end though - getting to bed at a decent hour. I want to aim for 11pm 5 nights a week, with brownie points for getting to bed earlier than that. However, just because I've hit my goal of 5 doesn't mean that I can stay up til all hours either! If I'm home on my 2 extra nights, I should also be getting to bed early. The 2 extra nights are just to give me wiggle room for social stuff.

  • In bed by 11pm 5 nights per week CON +3 8/30 F No points

Goal Three: Out Here, Everything Hurts


I've been doing yoga lately, and it's been helping a bit with my stiff bits, but I really need to target them more specifically. It's mostly my shoulders and quads/hip flexors, and I have stretches to do for them, and I have my foam roller, so I just need to do it. It'll help with my form during workouts, as well as not being so tight after rugby games. My goal is to do them every day, at least once per day, but more is better!

  • Stretch/mobility work every day DEX +2 33/42 C+ DEX +1

Goal Four: Well, You Keep Moving


Right now I'm still job searching, and it's been easy to fall into a rut of not getting stuff done and wasting far too much time online/reading/knitting/watching TV/generally avoiding my few responsibilities. I feel like I'm stagnating, and that needs to change. I need to refocus my job search, work on not having a floordrobe, doing my dishes in a more timely manner, and doing some general tidying/reorganizing/decluttering that needs done.

  • Apply to 3 jobs 6 days a week CHA +2 GOT A JOB!!  A+ CHA +2


  • Clothes away and dishes done daily CHA +2 41/42 A+ CHA +2
  • Tidy/reorganize/declutter for 30 minutes 6 days a week CHA +2 8/36 F No points
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