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Lol, sorry all. I know I disappeared again. Work has taken over my life - I don't have the time to commit to Muay Thai that would make it worth paying 110$/month for, especially since I just spent some savings on tickets for next visit to the states and I've got no income. :P I've been planning on joining a gym but legs are also sore from working so much, so it's a juggle. Last week was particularly bad because our city had an oil spill and I was up with staff until 5 in the goddamn morning (19 hour shift) bathing and saving ducks... we saved around 102 ducks and made it on every local news station. (That was 61 hours of unpaid work within 5 days. I even went in on my days off.)

In addition to that, we got 5 baby bats that are pretty helpless and dependent ... so I've been fostering 2 or 3 throughout the weeks (They have to be fed every 4 hours.)

My body feels a LOT better after a couple days of rest, so hopefully I can figure out a workout plan today and get to the gym on Friday (next day off).  

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