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Basics: Female, 31, 5' 0", 101lbs, desk job, in the UK.


I have always had a thin frame, but late in 2013, I noticed it was getting worse than usual. Since I hadn't changed my eating habits (which have always been pretty bad - junk food, takeaways, living off cans of pop), I was referred to a specialist and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. When my thyroid was at its worst, I weighted around 85lbs, and no matter what I ate, I couldn't get any weight on. I was also constantly tired and weak.


They tried to manage my thyroid levels with tablets for six months or so, but my body was just like "naw".


In January this year, doctors took the final step and removed my thyroid gland (I also had a goitre, which was causing me some self-esteem issues as I'm sure you can imagine, so I requested surgery as opposed to radiation, which wasn't guaranteed to shrink it). I've been back and forth to the hospital since, while they try to get my thyroxine tablets to the right levels. I'm on 100mg at the moment, up from 50 then 75. I do feel generally better, but I'm still not sure if I'm on the right dose.


As I'm now gaining the weight back and then some, I figured I'd best look into some kind of fitness routine, so I don't end up looking too much like a Weeble (I'm already a pear shape, with no boobs and big ol' booty).


I also have lumbar lordosis and scoliosis (the combination of which means I physically cannot do a sit-up at present), so I'm looking with particular interest into exercises that will help build up some strength in the back and abdominal areas.


Coming from a place of where exercise has just never been a part of my life (I've always been slim, if unhealthy, and people don't tend to notice/point out when you're unhealthy but thin), it's taking some getting my head around. I've never even set foot in a gym!


I am still incredibly weak, with no stamina whatsoever, and now slowly turning into a little fatty magoo. I figured now that I've had time to recover from the surgery would be a good time to get into some kind of routine, start as I mean to go on sort of thing.


I've already made a number of changes to my diet before looking into fitness of the body, which I've been phasing in more-or-less since January, and I'm kind of on track for making a proper move into really decent eating. I don't go to McDonald's multiple times a week anymore (though I do still visit maybe once a week and get a lunch or breakfast wrap - kind of a treat), and I've cut right back on the takeaways (again, maybe once a week - usually Friday nights after a week in the office!). Pop is one of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to diet, I think. I like water fine (and milk!), but having a can of pop is like my version of crack. I currently have about 2 a day (down from about 6, so...!), and ideally I'd like to have it phased out entirely by the end of the year.


I'm going to sign up to the next 6 week challenge. I haven't decided yet what my goal will be, as I'm not sure which aspect of my health I want to concentrate on first (strength or stamina).


Sorry if this all sounds like rambling - I didn't really know where to begin!


Thanks for reading!


P.S. I've attached a picture of my throat before and after surgery. Look at that bump!

P.P.S. Yes, I have chosen a username based off the narcissistic horse from Rainbow Brite. I'm amazed the name was available! ^_^ )


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Welcome!!  I had a Starlite plush toy when I was a kid, it was one of my favorites. ^_^


Have you considered yoga for back strengthening purposes?  It's actually one of my quests in my upcoming challenge, so I'm brainstorming good ideas to help on that front, too.  If situps and core work are a no-no right now, yoga might be something you want to give a go.  Poses like locust, upward dog, and cat-cow would be a good start and are nice and gentle, I use them on a daily basis and it's a HUGE help to stretch out and feel better. 


Start slow and gentle so you don't overwhelm yourself, and you're sure to make great strides and feel better, too!! :D

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They didn't even diagnose me with the back issues until I was in my 20's. I've never been offered either braces or surgery - they gave me some exercises to do, which I think helped it feel a little better, though I must admit I haven't done them in years. The sideways curvature isn't that bad, just a slight twist to the right, but the lordosis is to the point where I look permanently pregnant if I'm wearing clothes that drape down my back. It also affects the way I walk, so I kind of waddle along and my hips sway like crazy. Neither give me much pain, but I suspect that will be because I don't move around much, and as I get into exercise more, problems may arise.


However, I will cross those bridges when I come to them, and thanks for the support! I'm going to follow your daily battle, PP, see if I can draw some inspiration! :)


Thanks for the yoga suggestion, shaarawy! I've looked into it briefly in the past, though maybe I should put a bit more effort in that area, especially if it could improve general health and flexibility.

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I was diagnosed with c shaped sideways curve when I was 10. My spine was measured every 3 months and it was getting progressively worse so at 12 I got a brace. If it hadn't have been stabilised by the brace I would've had surgery.

I've never had any pain either but I do feel a bit restricted when twisting or bending at the waist. Hope it goes well for you. I will follow your progress!

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