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Waiting until after working out to eat, and the one meal a day thing


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OK, so I've got more questions. Yes, I know I tend to post more threads asking questions than I do make posts responding to threads, but there are still things I want to know.


So, as far as eating and working out goes, I've heard some people say that you need to eat before working out to activate your metabolism, and I've heard some people say that you need to wait until after you workout to eat so that your body is forced to use the energy it has stored up to do work.


When I first came home for the summer and began strength training, I tried eating just one meal a day, but I found that not only would I end up finding myself eating a few things throughout the day, but I don't even have to limit myself to one meal a day. As a matter as fact, if you count pre-workout and post-workout supplements, I usually get about 5-6 meals a day, with a medium breakfast, a pre-workout energy drink, a post-workout protein shake, lunch, and dinner.


So far, this *feels* like it's been working for me. I don't often feel hungry, I only get the urge to eat more when I had a small lunch (a protein shake and a PB&J sandwich), and it's pretty maintainable, as long as I can continue to leave myself time to make breakfast in the morning before heading out to the gym.


Still, I'm concerned about the number of calories I'm consuming, and cutting out breakfast would save me some time. Also, I'm having a hard time leaving bread out of my meals. When I get breakfast, it just feels natural for toast to go along with my eggs and banana, and personally, I kind of like bread! By itself, it's kinda boring and pointless, but I always thought of bread as being like the Bassist of the food band. The backbone of it's music.


So, would not eating until after my workouts (which would pretty much mean not eating anything until noon, for me) help me lose weight, or should I stick with what feels right right now?

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Right now, I weigh 280 lbs, (I think?) and I'm just trying to lose at least 10 lbs by the end of this 6-week challenge. I've decided to go for 1,800 calories on off days, 2,100 calories on work days. I've been counting my calories, but I'm still having trouble with sneaky calories (i.e. calories from food offered to me, food cooked by my dad for dinner, which is really good and usually something healthy) that I can't easily count.


So I chose to not eat until noon, and just eat lunch and dinner. That way, if I end up getting any extra food during the day from someone else, it will leave some leeway for unaccounted for calories, instead of me accidentally eating too many just because I ate breakfast, and ended up getting fastfood for lunch.


My scale says I weigh a little over 280 lbs (near it's max), my parents electric scale stopped working after I stepped on it, and the scale at my gym is primitive and says I weigh roughly 255 lbs, I think.

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I see. You can eat six meals or one, it doesn't make that much of a difference for now. You don't necessarily need to worry about your preworkout, postworkout, periworkout, biworkout, triworkout supplements either. And if you're unwilling to fire your bassist (even though he sucks), you don't have to do that either. Going by the calories in, calories out principle, it's a lot easier to account for what's in than out. What I'd do is account for what goes down your throat and adjust accordingly. Just keep track of your weight and what you eat without getting distracted by all the other bodybuilding buzzwords, and I think you'll be able to figure it out on your own. (A good rule of thumb to start out with is to eat slowly to 80% full. When all else fails, you can always go back to that.)


Seeing that you're on Starting Strength, I wouldn't even worry about meal timing and supplements until you can hit a bodyweight Squat, Bench Press, and Row, and a 1.5 bodyweight Deadlift. While you lose weight your bodyweight goes down, and while your strength goes up eventually they meet down the middle. The beginning stages of strength is mostly your brain learning how to coordinate your muscles together to move weight anyway, rather than your muscles getting bigger. So keep it simple--do your lifts, consume enough protein, and eat slowly to 80% full. And if you want to expedite the process, get a pedometer and make sure you do your recommended 10'000 steps a day.

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Alright. When you say "...hit a Bodyweight Squat, Bench Press, and Row, and a 1.5 bodyweight Deadlift", what do you mean by that?


And, I'll try to continue to get all of my nutrients from food, but I find protein shakes very useful in making sure I get enough protein, as well as a way of getting in a few extra calories, so I might stick with that at least, unless the amount to which is helps really IS that little at this point.


Judging by your profile avatar, you seem pretty strong and athletic, and you appear to be a Monk (some type of boxer). If you don't mind me asking, how did you get that way? I mean, I know it's through years of hard work and proper dieting, but I mean, where did you begin both exercise-wise, and fighting-wise? I'm not sure if I'm asking the question properly.


I have an interest in learning how to fight, largely for self-defense, partially for sport and fitness. I am currently learning Shotokan, but I don't quite practice it like I should. I've been much more focused on losing weight and building muscle, so that I can run faster, hit harder, and lift heavier in general, first.

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I mean being able to Squat, Bench Press, and Row the same amount you weigh (and Deadlift one-and-a-half), preferably through a combination of losing weight and getting stronger.


And by all means, drink your protein shakes. Just try to get most of your protein from meat. (Or tofu, if you're one of those.)


Anyway, long story. I do have a website that I just started if you wanted to know more.

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Hey man its easy you need to be eating consistently throughout the day or your body wont recover well, feel energized, or lose the kind of weight you want. If you dont eat until noon then you are not eating for over 12 hours of the day. How can you fuel your body off that? Eat a couple healthy meals a day and 2-3 small snacks of clean food that will fuel your workouts.

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Hey VirtueFit, a lot of the things you're posting have been discussed on the blog and shown to be less than optimal. For this topic, check out the Intermittent Fasting post and the links within.


I get that you have your own opinions about what's healthy but please don't state them like they're the best for everyone.

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