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Answering the wake up call

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I went to a fitness testing class sponsored by my company... and the results aren't pretty. 



There's a lots of graphs and fancy charts that describe how bad they are, but these simple, understated words, from my doctor summarize it well:


"Your exercise tolerance is very low (<20th percentile). Please exercise regularly to improve your health"


It wasn't always like this, and I'm surprised at how I've slid down over the years. No more. 


The  problem isn't just exercising. It's designing my life around fitness. I want it to be fun and natural and something, not an annoyance that's done to hit the right numbers and then forgotten about. I want to *stay* at the right numbers. And that means designing something that will stay with me lifelong. 


And that's why I'm here. to make fitness something more than just a certain amount of time spent at the gym. To make it something that's meaningful to my life, and fits my personality. Which is one of inquisitiveness, exploration and curiosity. Boredom and routine are anathema to me. Which makes it extremely difficult to get into a standard full-body-or-split-reps-weights-blah-blah fitness program.


So this is my primary quest:



6 weeks, with at least 4 fitness activities over the course of the week (marked *), as follows:

M: Weight Training*

T: Dance

W: Cardio*

R: Yoga*

F: Weight Training*

Weekend (make up for any missed workouts, except for the weight training)


Side quest: Eat home cooked food on the weekdays. 


Life quest: Track the money I spend, get my finances in order. 









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I've started on it before June 8th, so this is the "pre-program" log so far:


6/2 (T)  - Weight Training --- Done

6/3 (W) - Cardio --- Missed

6/4 ®  - Yoga --- Done

6/5 (F) - Weight Training -- 

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