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Stick to the Essentials!

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Back for a new challenge.






I finished last challenge on better food, lots of moving (SO. MUCH. WALKING.) and generally higher energy.

I also just found out my fatigue is due to anemia, so prescribed supplements should help tons. It feels so good when I get confirmed that it's not all in my head but there is actually something wrong with my body (that sounds weird, doesn't it?)


Aaaand, I'll be in an amateur musical in October, so that's going to be a lot of extra dancing and singing for me, which is just AWESOME!


Lots has been happening, so to keep things going well, I need to focus on essentials:



#1  Take yo Meds!




That means I need to make sure I always have at least 2 weeks of thyroxine in my cupboard. I've been really lazy with that and I always end up going a whole week without medicine between prescriptions. Not smart. Need to get meds before stock runs out.

And taking my iron supplements 3x a day starting Sunday.



#2  Don't eat like a dickhead!




That totally worked for me last challenge. I feel so much more relaxed around food when I don't have specific goals, and I end up eating much better and cooking more.



#3  Do something active every day




Walk, dance, yoga, stretching, body weight, everything counts as long as I get those muscles flexing and the blood pumping a little faster.



#4  No alcohol. Period.




I always cave in to social pressure even though I don't enjoy drinking alcohol that much, and my body really does not agree with it. Be strong Nol! For this challenge, my social drink is sparkling water with a slice of lemon. Oh yeah!



Not a fixed goal, but I also want to watch my sleep. For the past 2-3 weeks, I've been sleeping 9-10 hours on days I don't have to get up early, which is 5 or 4 days a week, and that made a HUGE difference in my overall well-being.

So, I'll try keeping up with that for as long as my body needs it.

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Yes. Yes.




Which may or may not work out according to plan. :D


Anyway, glad to see that what you have been dealing with is not something that your mind made up, but is in fact a real thing. I can see the comfort of something like that.


Take yo meds and don't eat like a dickhead, and you should be in a way better place in six weeks. :)

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Love the challenge Nol!  Sticking to the fundamentals and the essentials is awesome!  I'm glad you've figured out your fatigue and ooof!  No alcohol?!




Fantastic!  Especially since your reaction to it is definitely not good!  Listen to your body and stay away from the poison! 

Here to cheer you on you fabulous chica!



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Day one is over AND I AM PUMPED :D


Here's a quick summary. It's really messy, sorry, it's so late guys!




I ate very well, porridge in the morning, Homemade lentil-split pea-carrot&garlic deliciousness for lunch.

Only unhealthy thing was a cup of coffee with sugar in the afternoon, but it was so weak that i think i drunk 1/10th of an espresso shot ^_^ also I was studying, and that's a totally valid justification.

Eating a bowl of fresh Scottish strawberries (yes, those exist) right now as a late dinner, because I just came back from...


...DANCE rehearsal! yay!

I was told I was one of the best dancers, which felt really good and I gave it all I had, so I am pretty exhausted.


I did not take my iron supplements though, I forgot to buy them...  xD I have been so focused on studying that i missed opening hours two days in a row!



I'll comment, reply, give gifs, etc. TOMORROW.


Now to bed! Good Night everyone!

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DAY 2 :D





Apparently there is such a thing as TOO PUMPED. I couldn't sleep yesterday!

Same problem the night before (but because of a strong cup of coffee taken way too late), so I could not wait to take a nap after work today.

Which I did. It was a great 50min rest :D



Medicine : YES. Got the iron, have taken the pills. All good.


Food: Ate like a champ all day. Then made mini vegan muffins tonight. They're sweet but otherwise quite healthy (it's just flour and cocoa with water and vegetable oil), that's not champion diet, but it's certainly not dickhead diet either :)  (here's the recipe, I use 3/4 cup unrefined sugar instead of 1 cup)


Activity:  Walked 30 minutes, though mostly downhill.

And I started lifting... at work ^_^  I let the delivery guy drop all the stuff on the floor so that I can take care of carrying the 25kg bags of salt and sugar around. It basically happens every other week only, but it's still really good for my arms, back and legs (pretty much everything). Of course, I make sure to squat properly, stay back straight, etc. don't want to get a back injury!


Alcohol: no social event = no reason for alcohol to even be on my mind



Day 2 was a success!

I still feel very tense physically and kind of in overdrive, so I hope I can sleep better tonight.

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WE'RE BACK!!! I'm still constructing... and will be... BUT WE GOT THIS, NOL!


OMG!! Yes, Shulkie, missed you so much last challenge!

I can't wait to see your challenge with your new life :D




Awesome goals Nol! Way to keep it simple. You're going to rock this challenge :D


Thanks! We're always on the same boat of simplicity :)

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I am following the captain always! <3



Awww!! Thanks!!

I love your new Avatar!! :D

Also excited to see what you're up to this challenge!



found you! 







Yay!!! Nerdians reunited!!

Almost everyone is here, it's awesome!!!

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Woo that's awesome to hear about dance rehearsal!  I'm a horrible dance so consider me very jelly!



Also sounds like you ate very well!  Even with the coffee!  Fantastic start :D


Hehe! Thanks, never thought YOU would be jelly for/of me   8D

I'm trying to focus on positive things and draw inspiration from your motivation and fighting spirits!




Great job, and don't forget your iron!


Thank you!! Finally thought about it! ^_^

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Day 3 was great with everything but food.


Food was mediocre. Still not dickhead level, but can do much better!

Tomorrow got my 2 last exams, then it's finally over for this year and I can relax my neurons.

I'm too old for that stuff!


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OMG!! Yes, Shulkie, missed you so much last challenge!

I can't wait to see your challenge with your new life :D


Things have been CRAZY. Moving very fast (literally moving, haha). I'm trying to pare it down as well this round. Get back to the root of it all. 


Ugh, the stress of exams definitely makes it hard to focus of eating well. Soon they'll be over and you can really get into it! I BELIEVE IN YOU! <3

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Week 1 is already over!





It has been a very stressful and busy week 1, as expected. But overall positive.


Meds: 100%  I've been taking my meds everyday. Things are falling into place.

Good Food: 100%  I've eaten well, even though I made sweet bakes everyday. Everything was homemade and high quality, and I've had a reasonable variety in veggies and proteins. I'll count that as a 100% because of the exams.

Daily Activity: 50%  Need to work on that now that I have more time!

NO Alcohol: 100%  Nothing :D


Only thing I really didn't do well is getting enough rest.



Week 2 focuses:

- more activity

- less sugar

- more sleep

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WEEK 2 -  DAY 2



I felt like dancing all day!



Meds:  2/2

Good Food:  1/2  I ate very well today, but made cake again, so I'll count today as a dickhead day.

Daily Activity:  1/2  Walked my 7km today! It felt great!

No Alcohol:  2/2


I slept 9,5 hours last night. Still feeling tired, but it should get better by the end of the week.

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