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Flavorless Protein Powder for food


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The problem with most protein powders is that they are milk proteins.

I used to work in a milk facility where we created the intermediate step of the protein powder creation.

Milk protein is ridiculously bland so they flavour it in order to make it palatable (trust me I used to take the raw "milk" home to supplement with).

The other problem with protein powder is that they become extremely thick extremely quickly (protein solutions above 22% Total protein will became a gel (Milk Jelly) if refrigerated, that gel is not nice to work with and or clean up)

They will also denature (unravel) above ~60 degrees (Celsius) and become biologically inactive, so what benefit you will actually get from including it in cooked foods I don't know.

(By biologically inactive I mean that the structure of the molecular whey and casein proteins will fail and they cannot accomplish their intended purpose. They will still contain all of the atomic elements (C,O,H,N) but I do not know if the human body can still digest and metabolise these products.)

(I speculate here as the denaturing due to heat may cause the specific enzymes which do digest the huge proteins to smaller molecules through catabolism may be unable to interact with the denatured proteins and as such they would pass straight through your system with no net benefit. Btw Whey and Casein have molecular weights of 10000-20000Da, to put in perspective CO2 has a molecular weight of 44Da. In order to metabolise the protein parts of the protein must "slot" into the active sites of enzymes to catalyse the chemical reactions, if the protein has unraveled the right parts are no longer in the usual place and the enzymes can no longer assist in the reactions)

That may be a bit technical I tried to keep it reasonably understandable.


Did a bit more research, (no academic research but eh) and the general conclusion is that the protein has already been completely denatured due to the manufacturing process and not to worry about it further denaturing when you cook it. (Eg Hardboiled eggs go solid as the protein denatures due to the cooking). Given that the majority of protein that we consume on a daily basis has likely been cooked or heavily processed the majority of the proteins have most likely been denatured anyway and I would not worry about further denaturing. What is most likely important is that the amino acid residues and not the general structure remain intact throughout the cooking/manufacturing process and thus your body is able to absorb them.

Once again, don't quote me!

I do not know how other protein powders (Soy, rice, etc) will react under those conditions. I do know is that they are not "complete" proteins and therefore you will not obtain all of the amino acid residues your body requires from them. Milk protein is a grade A protein which has all of the residues.

What kind of food are you trying to integrate the powder into?

Personally Oatmeal, Pancakes have worked reasonably well for me in the past. Unsure what effect they had upon my body composition as I had them on a irregular basis.

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Wow that is a butt load of info. thank u so much for taking the time out for this. I really appreciate it. I'm a bit of a newbie with this protein powder stuff. I usually just drink what my family has already bought. Currently, Kaizen Whey protein Chocolate flavored. Which I take one scoop and mix it with skim milk 1 cup. I do this as a sub for breakfast and then post workout as well.

I am looking to mix the flavorless stuff into this veg omelette I make, but instead of eggs I use gram flour ( since I am a lactoveg). I was hoping to have that for breakfast instead and would like to amp up the protein in it. If it's good enough I would like to add it into this broccoli soup I make, cereal maybe , pasta sauce, etc.

I'm just new, and don't know if a) flavorless stuff really is flavorless B) will it ruin my food c) which is the best to buy , the most bang for its buck.

Thank you again!

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Protein powder is usually a timing thing. Can be beneficial to those people on a low carb diet who are still looking for a easily accessible protein source for snacks.

Since you're trying to introduce it into a higher carbohydrate omelete you will post likely need to blend it into the mixture just prior to cooking. I say blend because you need to get it fully dissolved into the mixture to avoid the clumping that will occur.

If you want to add it to cereal you'll need to blend it into the milk. So basically you have a protein shake on top of your cereal instead of milk.

Sauce/Soup: never tried it, but mix slowly!

Only unflavoured protein I was able to find (Going to assume you're a Yank :P)

http://www.optimumnutrition.com/product ... p-199.html

Quick overview of proteins.

Whey protein is very quickly absorbed by the body and therefore the theory states that it is best taken right before, during and/or after the workout.

Micellar Casein is slowly absorbed and the theory is that it is best taken before sleep to maximise the returns.

Soy Protein is apparently quite easily digestible and I therefore suppose it is quite similar to whey

Rice Protein similar again to soy, I'm not sure as to the exact mechanics.

You can get low carb blends, muscle mass blends, etc etc Insert marketing hype here

There have been many research studies (mostly on men who are trying to gain muscle) which appear to indicate that maximum benefit from protein powder occurs as stated in the overview. These studies usually have very small sample sizes, usually involve athletes, and the results are the researchers best guess as to what is happening. These small samples indicate a trend between (I believe) Nitrogen intake (eg Amino Acids) and the timing of protein consumption to promote maximal growth.

In short: Take it immediately before, during or after workouts. At other points in the day try to obtain your protein requires from natural whole food sources.

My view on protein powder is that there is no point trying to put a band-aid on when your carotid artery is bleeding out. It may help but it isn't a great appetite suppressant (especially in shake form) and as your stated goal is to lose 5lbs that should easily be doable without the powder provided the basics are down. Supplementing with protein might help, it also might not but given the low protein nature of vegetarian meals I can't see any harm.

Had a brief look at your 28 day challenge.

need to figure something out. my problem is, i am trying to amp up my metabolism by eating more often, and less portions at a time.

Theres been a few people debunking the 6 meal/day B.S. I believe the NY Times did so as well.

From personal experience.

I lost weight on 6 meals a day, it's effective if you just take a shitload of protein and water to keep you full but it's very hard to follow and I failed doing it.

Currently I'm on 3 meals a day and my motivation and energy levels are sky high and I don't eat any grain based carbohydrates so take from that what you will.

I know that you're a vegetarian which makes it extremely difficult to reduce carbs without starving yourself but I've found most carbohydrates to be very unfilling. Point in case I once ate 8 pieces of bread slavered in Peanut Butter and Jam for a total of about 1500 calories without feeling full. Carbohydrates are also quite tasting making them very difficult to stop eating once you begin.

But that's a bit off topic from the great protein debate.

If you would like me to do a bit more research regarding protein intake as a vegetarian just flick me a pm.

Sorry for the rambling nature of the post, it's been a very long day. I'll try and edit it a bit when I'm a wee bit more alert later.

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You really are just a sweetheart. Thank you. Not only did you reply to my post but looked into my profile and challenge to cater it personally. Thank you so much. How do you know so much?!

Thank you for the link, I'm going to look into finding that near me or just ordering it online. By the way, what is a Yank?? Is that a new yorker?? :oops: thank u for breaking down the diff protein types, I'm going to bookmark this post lol.

I usually would think having this as a sub for breakfast would be gross. But I've started adding 1 tbsp of peanut butter to my breakfast mix and it tastes so good and does fill me up. I try to eat veggie protein with my other meals though. By the way I agree with your 3 meals tip . When I was trying 6 small meals, I was constantly thinking about food (what do i eat next?) even if I wasn't hungry. When I went out and healthy food wasn't as available, I ended up eating crap food.

Today, I had 3 meals, and 2 snacks. okay, I admit it could be better, but,, my meals also weren't as big not filling.

Thank you so much once again for all your help. I really appreciate it, you have no idea. I sound a little cheesy, but sometimes I feel like there are no sincere helpful people left, and then posts like yours make me nix that idea altogether. so thank u :) Atm i think I am good with the protein idea. I am going to try to eat regular food for now, low carbs as much as i can. By the way,, do you have a suggestion on the fat:protein:carb ratio if one is going low carb?

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Not a problem.

I'm a chemical engineering student who also studies a bit of biochemistry.

New Zealand is the #1 Milk exporter in the world and I worked for our largest company in their research division as a summer job over the 09/10 summer. I learnt a fair bit about proteins there.

Oh, and I've failed at this before. Went through a fairly dark phase before returning to my cynical cheery self.

Oh and a yank is just slang for an American. It's from WWII, there were servicemen stationed in NZ and using the old lingo can be fun to confuse people sometimes :)

Ok, this may go on for awhile and may end up being a tad harsh. Apologies in advance, this is just my 2c, I am not a registered trainer, nutritionist, doctor at all and as such most of this is simply my opinion based upon the (albeit biased) knowledge I have accumulated over time. I don't suggest taking everything in this post at face value, trying to get you to think about what you're doing.

suggestion on the fat:protein:carb ratio if one is going low carb?

You will drive yourself mad and begin to psychoanalyse food and end up hating it if you try to maintain a set ratio. The best advice I ever read was to try to make sure you get at least 1g of protein for every 10 calories you ingest before worrying about ratios. When you try to maintain that you'll find that you literally won't be able to stuff yourself with carbs/fat as you'll feel so full.

Best Bet.

Pick one thing you want to change and just change that.

My challenge for this month was to eliminate grains. Went horribly for the first 2 weeks as I was finishing up exams and heading back to my parents' house where the food selection was completely different.

Over the last week (Had a rough last 2 days though) I've really stuck at it and succeeded. You can accomplish your goals!

the whole idea of amping up fat , freaks me out

Funny right, Eating fat doesn't make you fat.

Just keep trying it, it's a mental thing. What finally sold me on the idea of fat was the quantities I was able to consume of each fat and carb. Eg limited vs unlimited.

I've found that the majority of the time I simply cannot stuff down enough fat in a day to exceed my calorie limits. Whenever I go over it is because of the carbs.

Ok let's sort these protein sources out:

Meat = Out

Fish = Out

Poultry = Out

Egg =?

Dairy = ?



http://caloriecount.about.com/calories- ... ats-i95459



Black Beans

http://caloriecount.about.com/calories- ... eds-i16015

Brown Rice

http://caloriecount.about.com/calories- ... ked-i20041

Buckwheat Pasta


Nuts (Not Peanuts)



http://caloriecount.about.com/calories- ... eds-i16070

Not an exhaustive list but a good start to begin with in terms of protein content. Each of those are the highest protein/lowest carb combinations I can find, but as you can see you'll never completely be able to, as a vegetarian, eliminate carbohydrates from your protein sources and I am going to go on record as saying you should not get all of your protein from supplements.

Your Goals

1. Try to have protein at each meal and ATTEMPT to have 40% carbs, 30% protein, 30%fat daily.

2. Workout 6 days a week

3. Lose 5 lbs - my weight loss is SLOW , very slow. Sometimes non existent. If I can lose 5 lbs I will be thrilled OR 2 inches off everything .

Good goals, Basically very similar to mine but there is one key difference.

My ethos. Appearance is a consequence of fitness. Sorry, wait: Appearance is a consequence of fitness! (Exclamation added for sincere forceful gaze)

Had a quick look at your workout from yesterday.

You said you loved it and enjoying your workout is crucial!


2 minutes jogging

20 Meaningless isolation exercises with a tiny weight

Rinse and repeat 15 times

Don't know about you, but think about what kind of situation you are going to have to perform a triceps extension in real life? Your not.

Now, think about any time where you actually have to life/move something it's gona weigh a lot closer to 20lb than 10 right? Think about lifting a bag of potatoes up a flight of stairs to your apartment, thing about moving furniture, think about falling off a climb and just grabbing the edge. Your bicep curls and tricep extensions are not going to help you at all in these situations! And those shoulder raises? Useful for strengthening those little stabiliser muscles right? Probably not since you never actually fully engage your muscles to require stabilisation by lifting heavy weights.

Do you ever struggle to complete a set? (through the weight being heavy, not because you're tired from the previous sets)

People who jog just remind me of hamsters running on their wheel because they don't know that there is a whole world out their to explore.

It won't help you lose weight, it will tire you, it won't make you fitter, oh and jogging is boring as shit. I go for the odd run, but it's a long run when I need to think about life in general. Two minutes? That's just enough time to irritate.

Care to give me a reason as to why you want to do it?

Can you think of a situation where you'll have to jog for only 2 minutes? What if you see a little boy chasing his ball about to get hit by a car 20m away? Will the jogging help you sprint too save his life and get him out of harms way?

I think I'll leave it at that, if you would like me to continue along the same vein I can do so but I'm not trying to force my viewpoints upon you.

Once again, I am not a specialist in these fields, I'm simply a guy who has a great memory who loves to read and apply knowledge to the world at large.

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Hi again,

you were def not annoying nor rude w/ ur post, no worries. thank u again. i am frustrated with my workout, bc i feel like i always am doing it wrong. also, i used to use 15 lb bicep curls, until recently I realized i was doing them wrong (oops) so now the 10 lbs are really what makes me struggle to finish the last rep and feel the burn the next day . I know 2 minutes of joggins is not very long,however at the moment I can't seem to jog longer than that, I am trying to push myself, and also I figured doing it in intervals made me sweat and burn more?? I actually just started liking using the treadmill, but that's because I got my ipod working and listen to my favorite songs to it. otherwise, you're right it's a bore. I try and mix up my workouts. I do weight training, kickboxing, aerobic dance videos, jogging , just to keep my interest and body guessing. do my workouts seem a bit better now that I mentioned that?! :S

Um I don't eat eggs, but I do drink milk. and no chicken, other poultry , fish or any animals at all-religious beliefs. thank u for posting the calorie counts on that food, i'm trying to eat protein at every meal, and not rely on protein powders. the adjustments I am making food and workout wise, I am trying to do slowly and surely, so I can stick to them. If i can't survive on lettuce and protein powder over time happily, there is no point to just do it now right?!

again, thank u for taking the time out for this response. it is really appreciated. if i can help u with anything , just ask and i will try my best.

note- got my parents to look into amping up their protein. They are also going to try the unflavored kind. I plan to use it for my dinner of a besan poora ( basically a veggie omelette but instead of eggs i use gram flour) and I will get them to use it for their oatmeal and cereal.

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Your completely right, diets with a so called "Attack" phase rarely work because they don't change the underlying habits surrounding the initial weight gain in the first place.

Yup the variety makes it seem much better than what I was initially imagining you were doing.

The intervals work well when you don't have much endurance, eg if you can only jog for 2 minutes at a time then doing multiple sets of that is a lot better than pushing for say 5 minutes then stopping cold.

The major point I was trying to get across was the mindset around fitness. I believe it fitness isn't something you do in the gym for 30-60 minutes every day or other day. I believe fitness must be applicable to your current situation in life or it is just pointless exercise where you're not engaged.

My issue was not the amount of weight, it was the exercise. I just don't feel like bicep curls or tricep extensions will do any good. You cannot spot tone specific areas (unless you're into the whole bodybuilding thing where you introduce the principles of hypertrophy etc).

Have you tried compound exercises before? Even just bodyweight ones (Apart from pushups)

I'm really impressed with the amount of variety you've got going for you in your workouts actually. Looks like you've got that down.

For more fun you could try:

Jump rope just to relive the old child hood nostalgia of Phys Ed.

Most gyms have chin up/Dip assistance machines as well.

Grab a couple dumbbells and do a few sets of walking lunges.

Grab a dumbbell in both hands and do a goblet squat.

Try some dumbbell alternating rows.

Get your hands on a kettlebell and do sets of swings

Set up little mini circuits of 2-3 exercises. Do them in succession for 5 minutes straight. have a 2 min break then do 2-3 different exercises for 5 minutes straight. etc

You'll get 15 min of hardcore exercise (with two two minute rest breaks) done in under 20 min.

Better yet. Do them as a circuit. Your workouts will be shorter, you'll burn more calories, you'll build more lean muscle, you'll cardiovascular ability will improve dramatically.

Oh, try and get some earbuds that loop over your ears. I can't workout without mine now. I simply bang em in, cord under a shirt to keep it out of the way, Ipod in pocket and I can do any movement without them or the iPod falling out.

Best of luck with your exams, I finished mine a few weeks ago so I know all about the stress and anxiety and the difficulty maintaining regular exercise during them. Good job on getting your parents onto the protein as well, I've pretty much given up on mine.

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hey again,

wow i feel like this is our own personal convo for the world to read lol. what are you studying for by the way? my exams are never ending, i can't wait for them to be over and i can just start making money . how did your exams go?

Maybe I should explain my strength training a bit more, I def do alot more than that day alone.

I do walking lunges, squats ( I can go very low :D) , calf raises as well holding weights.. I recently started an aerobic video which uses weights as well and does compoud movements, such as lunges with shoulder raises and what not. I am trying to get more into compound exercises since I think that's the next challenge I need, I am getting a bit too comfy with my current strength training. I sometimes do an entire body circuit. I like your new variation to the circuit, I'm giong to try that soon.

I have weird ears, NOTHING seems to stay. The only ones that work for me now are the ones that fit over the entire ear like the kind deejays use lol. I use JVC they are pretty cheap, and can fold so are easy to store. What's your current workout?

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Nothing wrong with that. If steve objects he could move it somewhere else.

I'm doing an honours degree in Chemical and Process Engineering currently. I'm in the 3rd (of 4) year of study.

Do you have a workout log? Your 28 day challenge always seems to say that you've worked out but I haven't been able to find any other record of it.

Compound exercises are definitely the next step. Everyone starts out with isolation because that's all they see machines for. It takes a wee bit more confidence to be able to step up to a weight and move from a snatch to an overhead squat in one movement :P .

All of my workouts can be found here on the site:

The second page has what I'm doing now but you can look through them all for some of the earlier stuff I was doing


bit of a footnote.

My equipment:

Vibram Five Fingers

1 16kg Kettlebell

1 pullup/Dip Station

1 High Bench

1 Jump Rope

And that's it.

Uggg weird ears! the curse of all training earphones!

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