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Yraen of the Engwar's Second Challenge


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First thing first thanks for reading. It really helps to have accountability.

Second challenge here at the Rebellion so I figure I should do a better job of it. I didn't do as well as I wanted on the last one and I didn't workout at all in the weeks in between so I'm not where I want to be right now. I'm going to be working out either more or less depending on how it goes.

First goal.

2 strength training workouts per week. 3 STR

Second goal.

2 cardio workouts per week. 3 STA 1 DEX

Third goal.

2 martial arts training sessions per week. 1 STR 1 STA 3 DEX

Life goal.

Practice guitar 1 hour per week. 1 WIS 2 CHA

I wanted to do a themed challenge but I can't post pictures and if you can't do that what's the point?

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Welcome to the Rangers!

Nice goals, have you given any thought on how you'll grade them? What kind of martial arts will you be doing?

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I got it figured out how to dish out the points. 4 workouts gets me 1 point for the primary attributes. If I do over 10 I get the secondaries. For the guitar I'll do the math at the end if I do less then 6 hours.

Martial arts wise I do a little bit of everything and blend it all together. I don't have any actual training so there's not a lot I know how to do. But as Bruce Lee said "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times."

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So to start of this challenge I did

3 sets 6 bent over rows with 150 pounds

3 sets 10 shoulder shrugs with 150 pounds

3 sets 8 pushups with 35 pounds

3 sets 30 second plank with 35 pounds

2 sets 10 dumbbell lunges with 30 pounds.

2 minutes rest between sets. 1 minute rest between exercises.

Starting of kind of easy because I haven't worked out in 2 weeks. Would've done more lunges but I'm keeping myself open to the possibility of some cardio later.

Also this workout was done in a fasted state.

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Wanted a bit of cardio atleast so I did the Neila Rey 180 degrees action workout. My legs were a lot more tired from those lunges then I thought. Try to do some martial arts tomorrow and practice my guitar.

Took some measurements today so here they are,

Weight. 195. I want to try to put on 5 healthy pounds within the next while.

Neck. 15 inches. Little extra would be nice.

Chest. 42 inches. Wouldn't mind gaining a few here.

Waist. 35 inches. Need to lose a few here.

Hips. 39 inches. Don't really care about this one.

Thighs. 24 inches. A bit bigger wouldn't hurt.

Calfs 15 inches. An extra inch or two.

Biceps. 14 inches. Definitely want to add some size here.

Forearms. 11 inches. Same here.

All in all that gives me a pretty good idea of where I'm at and what I need to do to get where I want to be. Got to work harder, try to put on some muscle. Maybe drop my body fat a bit.

Also, today I found out that there's a ninja warrior gym not that far off from where I live. So ya know, don't be surprised if I have to drop out of the challenge do to broken bones.

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So today so far if written three poems, practiced my guitar for an hour, and did some martial arts. This is shaping up to be a very productive day.

The martial arts I mentioned were

10 minutes lower body techniques

10 minutes upper body techniques.

Not much but worked up a very good sweat.

One of the poems I wrote has to do with fitness so here it is

As I go down to do a plank

I wonder what I have in my tank

I search around and come up blank

But I grap my bootstraps and give them a yank

I will pull through, take that to the bank

I know it's not very good it cut me some slack, this is only the second poem if ever shared.

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Keep up the good work!

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Level 1 Assassin Initiate

|0 STR|0 DEX|2 STA|3 CON|2 WIS|2 CHA|

"A city is well fortified which has a wall of men instead of brick." - Lycurgus of Sparta

Challenge 1, Goal 1: 6 weeks to 5K Uninterrupted run.


Challenge 1, Goal 2: 2x20 minutes of meditation per day, 7 days a week.


Challenge 1, Goal 3: No white sugar or flour, 6 weeks.

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Slumber doth elude me so

As I toss to and fro

Why does time seem to slow

As I spy sunrise's sweet glow

I now conclude insomnia blows.

First poem I have any record of me writing and one that was defiantly on my mind last night. Couldn't get to sleep till almost 6 am.

Anyway no workouts today. Going to do one tomorrow that will most likely finish me up for the week. Finish my endurance feat for the Mini Challenge.

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Sorry to hear you're having elegantly described sleep problems. I hope you manage to catch up sometime soon.


The poems are almost becoming a theme for your challenge, I love it.

Thanks, but catching up completely would take a week of solid sleep.

No telling when I'll post another poem. I can't just sit down and write something most of the time. It's a skill I could stand to learn though so I'm going to be working on it.

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Another poem to start off the day, will try to workout later.

Where did the year go

Seems just yesterday I cursed winters snow

As shovel fills I would throw

Now every week I have to mow

And hit my head on branches low

I do not hate the summer though

As I get to swim and shot my bow

But I do miss my leather jacket so

Definitely not my best but far from my worst. Going to workout after I mow the lawn, if I ever get around to it.

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Got in a workout. Not as much as I'd like but I have no energy left. Not been sleeping good. Anyway

3 sets 6 reps bent over rows. 150 pounds

3 sets 10 reps shoulder shrugs 150 pounds

3 sets 10 wide pushups with 35 pounds on back

3 sets plank with 35 pounds on back. 2 45 second ones and 1 30 second one. Had nothing left at the end, but I finished my endurance feat for the mini challenge so that's over with.

3 sets 6 dumbbell shoulder presses 30 pounds.

Would've done more but I'm spent. See what I can't do tommorow but probably won't be much.

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Doing all this while being sleep deprived is nothing to laugh at. Some wouldn't even work out!


Also congrats on getting your endurance feat done. I hope you were tired enough to catch up on some sleep.

If I didn't workout just because I didn't get my eight hours I'd be in a whole lot worse shape than I am now.

Sadly I didn't get much sleep last night. We're going out on the town to celebrate my grandparents anniversary and I had to get up early for that. Still got three or so hours in. I've gone on a lot less then that.:) nothing else I should sleep good tonight.

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Yesterday was not a good day. Fitness wise I didn't get a workout in and I went to an all you can eat buffet. I had six plates loaded down with food. Funny thing is I could've still ate more when I left. Everybody else was done and I hate having them wait on me. On the bright side all the food I ate was reasonably healthy expect a bit of pizza so I did that right atleast. Also walked a lot throughout the day. Hope to do better next week.

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Sorry to have been out of touch and not updating, weeks not starting off good. Anyway

Week one update

Strength workouts 2. Neither one was as much as I would've liked.

Cardio workouts 1. Unless I can count pacing back a forth for a half an hour. Ether way have to do more.

Martial arts training sessions 1. Plus a bunch of random punches and kicks everyday.

Guitar practice 1 hour. Very out of practice. Have to work on it more.

All in all not how I wanted to start this challenge off. try and do better from now on.

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Thanks for the support ladies.:)

Today didn't go exactly how I wanted but it's better than it could've been. Diet wasn't very good as I had a party to go to today. Long story short steak, two hot dogs, bunch of backed beans, and some other junk. After that I had church so not a lot of room to workout. Tomorrow my church group is having a pizza party so that won't do me any favors, and this Friday and Saturday I'm going camping with a bunch of the guys from church so I won't be able to workout then. This is not going to be my best week. Rambling over.

Did 30 minutes of free flow martial arts(basically I pretend like I'm being attacked and throw punches kicks and blocks as I see fit) during which I took some time of from randomness to do my combat mini challenge of 100 front kicks per leg. So atleast I got that done. Finished that of with 10 minutes of (attempted) meditation.

I've decided that my final scores for this challenge will be based on the quantity of workouts rather than frequency. That is if it's all right for me to do that. (Guild leaders, moderators, whatever I'm looking at you)

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That's tough. Try not to be overly critical of yourself. I'm right there with you with the move and not being able to be completely in control of every food and work out situation I am in so I am trying to be gentle on myself too.

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aka lizardpits aka cocoa goddess

challenge #1 challenge CURRENT #2

level 2 gargoyle

1.5 str 2 dex 1.5 sta 4 con 3 wis 5 cha


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