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Hoxtons Four Pillars


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OK so last challenge was a scratch, or rather, I kept working out but didn't really do any of my other goals, so: Here we go challenge three.


I have come to believe that there are four pillars to a well rounded person.







So i'm going to divvy my challenge up into four sections.




I'm following GMB fitness P1 and Vitamin.

Vitamin id a daily movement and mobility course which will keep me busy mon-sun


P1 - i'm currently on the skill stage which is about four weeks long, however I find the 3 workouts a week a bit intense so i'm cutting it down to 2, so it will take me exactly 6 weeks to complete.


I am also adding in pulling movements in the form of australian pull-ups.


My routine will look like this.


Mon - Sun: Vitamin

Mon + Wed: P1

Fri: Aussie Pull Ups





Keeping to do lists and actually doing the things on this list.

Every day I will make a "today list" from the larger lists of "To Do" and aim to get these things done. 




Food diary and no alcohol.

I'm giving up drinking again, this time for 6 months, but in order to keep morale up i'm telling myself just until the beginning of the next challenge (this will be in the next challenge too :))


Keeping a solid food diary, then each monday sitting down and working out how many of each thing I have had in the week, e.g 6 beers, 29 biscuits etc. Then making sure that my numbers for bad things come in lower during the next week.



I have not figured this one out yet, but will let you know as soon as I do.



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