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I Fell So I Guess I Should Get Up

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Alright, I'm back


(waits for applause... aaaand... nope)


Ok I know I'm not that influential here, at least not yet, alright back to business.


Alright so my main goal is to pass my next test so in that sense


First goal: Diet 


I need to get back on track with a proper diet i've been slacking, back to the paleo ( as strict as I can be)


STA +4


Second Goal: Flexibility


My kicks lack height, apparently my hip flexors are incredibly tight or something like that, so I need to make sure that I get those up.


DEX +3


Third Goal: challenge


This is kind of a cop out, but I am going to make my third goal to compete in each one of the player vs everyone challenges


STR +4


Life Goal:  Career


Unfortuantely I still haven't found a job using my degree, but that doesn't mean I'll quit, so again this challenge is to find my career


WIS +4


side note, I'm stealing from someone here (no names but she'll know who it is, if she reads this) i'm taking the idea of the cheat jar as well if i mess up on my diet i put a dollar in.

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well there isn't a real way for me to measure unless i kicked at a wall every day and was able to mark exactly where I kicked and track my progression from there, so what I am going to do is every day I usually wind down the last hour or so with a little bit of tv, usually a Dr Who episode, so instead of sitting in a chair or on a couch I will spend every episode in a stretch switching the stretch that i'm using every ten minutes, per the suggestion of one of my blackbelts.

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alright no stress, I just want to be able to keep track of everyone else as well. and thank you, I'm hoping that it helps with my kicks i have a lot of trouble with my legs especially with my hip flexors

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i've been doing pretty well i haven't really cheated that much a few times the situation kinda forced it but other than that and the fact that i've been working for a family member as well, though i've been a little too sore to do too much for the challenges though I am participating still

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I see. Yeah, family makes this rough. You don't want to rock the boat too terribly much, even if you know that what you're doing isn't what you want.


I have no good answers for that yet, seeing as how every time I'm with my family I use it as an excuse to take a break from the way I know I should be. I guess I'd say that it's all good, as long as when you're on your own that you do everything the absolute best that you can.


Just my .02, though.

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